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Chapter 14: Awareness Is My Successor

Mahavira, seeing this whole scene happening in every town, every city - young animals being boiled alive - stopped his people. They were not eating meat, but they were using shoes and that leather came from torture. But Mahavira became decisive for the future too; he made it a rule that his sannyasins should never wear shoes.

This is going too far. Now, I’m wearing shoes which are not made of leather. Mahavira had no idea of rubber; he had no idea of synthetic leather. He had no idea that shoes can be made of canvas, of cloth - of so many things. But we cannot condemn him for having no idea. There was no possibility of it; all he knew was that he had forbidden his people to use leather - but he should have left them open for the future.

For example, Mohammed said to his disciples that they can marry four wives. But it became a guideline for the future, and now Mohammedans everywhere are insisting that this is a question of their religion, they have to marry four wives. In Mohammed’s time there was so much war, murder, arson, that the population of men and women had come to that proportion - one man, four women - because men were being killed in war. It was simply compassionate of Mohammed to say that one man should marry four wives; nothing was wrong in it. But to make it a guideline for the future, forever, is dangerous.

Now the situation is different. If one man marries four wives, then three men will remain bachelors. The situation has completely reversed, but the mind of followers is such that they will not see the point. Why had Mohammed insisted on marrying four women? So that three are not left unmarried, because they will suffer unnecessary psychological repressions, they will become prostitutes, they will destroy the whole moral structure.

But now the situation is just the opposite: if a Mohammedan marries four wives then he is driving three men to remain celibate. Those three people are not going to sit silently, they will have to do something. Then all kinds of perversions - the same perversions that Mohammed was trying to avoid - are all over Mohammedan countries. Because you are rich you can get as many wives as you want - and four is not the limit, it is the minimum. Mohammed himself married nine wives; that is enough example for rich emirs and sheiks and oil kings. They can marry hundreds of women - all the beautiful women of their country are brought to them - but what about all those hundreds of young people who are deprived of their wives and their rights? You are driving them to homosexuality. You are driving them into other perversions, sodomy.

Men making love to animals. It is worse than rape, because the innocent animal is in your hands, whatever you want to do you can do. When you rape a woman, in some way or other she cooperates, otherwise it is not easy. Perhaps deep down she desires it, because whenever a woman is raped - the man is certainly criminal, I am not saving him from his crime - but the woman is not absolutely innocent. In the unconscious somewhere there is a desire that somebody should find her so beautiful, so irresistible, that he will even be ready to commit a crime. That is a kind of tremendous satisfaction, a confirmation of her beauty, of her charm.

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