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Chapter 3: A Feeling of Coming Home

But even calling you insane will not satisfy them, because deep down they feel the jealousy, the envy; they would like to declare themselves also closer to the center, closer to the truth, closer to blissfulness. But they are in darkness, in utter misery, in anguish. They don’t see any end to their night, and you are talking about a beautiful dawn.that you have seen the first ray, the sun is rising, that you have heard the birds singing, that you have experienced the fragrance of the flowers that open in the early morning to welcome the sun, to begin the day.

If you don’t listen and don’t accept that you are mad.The masses have crucified people like these: Al-Hillaj Mansoor, or Jesus, or Socrates, or Sarmad. The masses have become bloodthirsty, and these people were absolutely harmless; they have not done anything, any harm to anybody. In fact they were the greatest blessings to humanity: they were pointing to your potential, your possibility, your future; they were pointing at your dawn - the night is not going to be forever. They were your very hope to get out of the darkness and the deathly life, where you have not found anything except misery.

But instead you demolished them, you destroyed them rather than rejoicing with them. Rejoicing with them needs tremendous intelligence, but to crucify them, any stupid, retarded majority of the masses is perfectly capable. That’s why I say you have made a very important observation: that it is more difficult to expose yourself and to declare to the world that you are feeling blissful, you are joyous.

But in this place, there is no need to be afraid. In this place the exposure of your anxiety will be accepted, the exposure of your blissfulness will be rejoiced - that’s the whole meaning of a religious communion - you will be encouraged. People will see their own future in your eyes, they will see their own crippledness gone in your dances. They will see that if you can reach, Devageet, then we are also not far away; perhaps we are not looking in the right direction, perhaps we are not moving in the right direction..

I have heard about a man who was asking, on a crossroad outside New Delhi, “How far is New Delhi?” And the old man who was sitting under a tree said to the man, “Before I can answer, I would like you to move in the direction you are going. Unless I know in which direction you are moving, how can I say how far New Delhi is?”

The man thought, “This is a strange old man” - he had asked many people, many times, and everybody had simply answered. He said, “First, I would like to see.”

So the man moved a few feet, and then he asked, “Now?”

The old man said, “Now Delhi is very far away, because you are going exactly in the opposite direction. You will have to go around the whole earth, then you will come back to Delhi; otherwise, you have left Delhi eight miles behind.”

When you see somebody blossoming, it is a sign that the spring has come. All the flowers don’t blossom together; first one flower opens its petals, then a few more, then many more, then millions. Spring comes step by step, slowly. When you see one flower blossoming it is an indication that your time is also close by.

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