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Chapter 19: God Is Not a Utility

And the priest is the businessman turned into a religious man. He is not religious at all. That’s why he is always against Jesus, Buddha, Nanak, Kabir: he is against all of them because these people are dangerous, they destroy the whole business. A businessman is not interested in godliness, in poetry, in prayer, in love, in beauty, in goodness; he is not interested in ecstasy. Just to enjoy means nothing to him. He says, “What is the profit out of it?”

A millionaire once visited a primitive tribe. When he got down from the train he saw a primitive man lying just on the platform under a tree. The morning was beautiful, very sunny, the air was clean, fresh and cool, birds were singing and the man was resting. The businessman could not tolerate it. He said, “Hey, chief, what are you doing there? It is time to go and earn something!”

The man who was resting opened his eyes and asked very sweetly, “Why?”

This why cannot be understood by a businessman. He said, “Why? To earn some money!”

The primitive started smiling and again asked, “Why?”

This was impossible. The businessman became annoyed and he said, “Why? To have a bank balance so that you can retire and rest, and then there is no need to work.”

The primitive closed his eyes and said, “I am resting now.”

This is impossible, resting now is impossible. A businessman postpones rest for the future: “Work here, now. Have a bank balance, then retire, then rest and enjoy!” But that never comes, it cannot come. A businessman can never retire; it is not in the type, it is not the quality of the type. He may retire from one business, but immediately, or even before it, he will manage another, because he cannot rest. He always thinks in the future, he postpones his enjoyment. Remember, a man who is religious enjoys here and now. The heaven of a religious man is not somewhere in the sky, in the future, no. That is how a businessman looks at heaven.

The heaven of a religious man is here and now, right this moment. He enjoys it, he does not postpone it, because nobody knows about the future. There is no future, to be exact, only the present exists. The future is a fallacy; it is just somehow to console yourself that some day you will be able to enjoy. And your whole life you are training yourself not to enjoy, and postponing, even if you enter heaven.

I have heard, once it happened:

Four businessmen entered heaven. I don’t know how they entered, they must have been smuggled in, they must have managed it. Then a saint died who knew those four gentlemen. He entered and he saw them in heaven, but he was very much puzzled as to what was the matter, because they were bound in irons, they were not free. He couldn’t believe it so he asked the gatekeeper, “What is the matter? Because I have heard that in heaven there is total freedom, why have these men been made prisoners here? Why have you bound them?”

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