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Chapter 29: Pregnant with Enlightenment

And he called one of his disciples - nobody had ever thought that this man was going to be the successor of their master. Certainly he was a strange man, utterly silent. He had no friends, he would never participate in the mass prayers, he would never go into the library to look into the ancient scriptures; but he would sit under the trees by the side of the river. Sometimes the whole night he was lying down on the lawn and looking at the stars. Everybody thought he was a little bit crazy. He never asked the master a question.

There were learned scholars, even more learned than the master himself, very well acquainted with all the old scriptures; but the master called that strange man, that star-gazer, that silent one - the one who had no friends, who was alone amidst the crowd of disciples, but who had the eyes of an innocent child, and his heart full of unsung songs.

He pulled out the book and gave it to the disciple, and said, “This book will be symbolic. Whoever possesses it will be the successor, so remember, be very careful, don’t let anybody else read it. Only you can read it, and before you die you can give it to the right person, who is capable of reading it.”

This way for one thousand years the book has passed from one hand to another hand - and the book is absolutely empty. When for the first time, just fifty years ago, the mystic who was now the successor wanted to publish it, he could not find a publisher - because whomsoever he showed it to would look at it and say, “But there is nothing to publish in it. It is just a notebook, and nothing is written in it.” But now it has been published; some daring publisher in England has published it: The Book Of Nothing.

But they have destroyed it a little because they have put an introduction to it: the whole history of the book - in one thousand years, how many mystics have possessed it, and how it was transferred from one teacher to another teacher, and this is the first time it is being published. This is simple foolishness - that book does not need any introduction. But that is how man’s mind functions - every book needs an introduction, so that book also needs an introduction; and inside there is nothing - one thousand pages, empty.

And they have destroyed it by publishing it, because now people are using it as a notebook, they are writing things in it. It was not meant for that purpose. It was meant that the master should give it to a disciple when he can understand the gaps between the words, between the lines; when words and lines become meaningless, then the empty paper.. Just watching it, and you also become empty. Just deeply looking at it, you move from mind to no-mind - and suddenly that empty page becomes a door into the mysteries of life.

Devageet, try to listen to my silences. You will not find any speaker in the whole world speaking the way I speak. Just in the middle of the sentence, there is a gap. It is deliberate, it is significant, it has more meaning than all the words. In fact, I use all the words so that I can create a gap. Otherwise how to create a gap?

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