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Chapter 1: Life Is Energy

The walls of this building are visible, and if someone tries to pass through them he will break his head. How to say then that the walls are illusory? They are clearly visible. There is ground underneath your feet; if there is not, then how are you standing on it? No, science is not saying that matter does not exist in this sense. It says this in the sense that things are not as they appear to us.

If, when an electric fan is going very fast, its three blades stop appearing to be three, it is because the blades are running so fast that the empty space between the blades is filled up before it can be perceived by our eyes. If the fan is going very fast, the separate blades will not be seen, only a revolving circle will be observed. You won’t be able to count and say how many blades there are. If the fan is run even faster, you won’t be able to throw a stone through the gaps; the stone will fall back onto the thrower’s side.

If the fan is run even faster, as fast as the atoms are moving, then you will even be able to stand on the fan comfortably. You will neither feel the gaps, nor will you fall, nor will you notice that underneath you the blades are turning, because the time taken by the blade to fill the gap will be less than the time taken by your brain to register the gap. Before your feet can inform your brain that a blade has left a gap behind, the next blade will come and fill the gap. Thus, if the gap can be bridged before it really exists for you, you can easily stand on it, as if you were standing on a solid, stationary surface.

We are standing on surfaces in the same way. The electrons in the atoms are revolving at such a tremendous speed that things seem to be static. But nothing in existence is static; objects that appear to be static are all moving. Had there been only objects moving, even then there would be no difficulty. But as science went on analyzing, it came to know that after the atom no matter remains - only energy particles, electrical particles remain. Even to call them particles is not right, because “particle” again gives the idea of matter.

Hence a new word, quanta, had to be coined in the English language. Quanta means particles and no-particles at the same time - particles and waves simultaneously. There can only be waves of electricity, not particles. Energy can have only waves, not particles. But because of our old language we go on calling them particles. There is nothing like a particle. In the eyes of science, the whole universe is an expansion of energy, electrical energy. And this is the first sutra of yoga:

Life is energy.

The second sutra of yoga is:

There are two dimensions of energy: one is existence, the other non-existence.

Energy can be in existence as well as in non-existence. When energy is in non-existence, the universe becomes a void. When energy is in existence, the universe comes into creation.

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