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Chapter 38: Enjoy This Orgasmic Moment

Yes, it is possible, but not possible through biology alone. It is possible if you are courageous enough to make your love your temple, your place of meditation. Then you will be attracting a soul already having the potential of uniqueness. And then give him every possibility for freedom, even if it goes against you. The freedom of your child is more valuable, because your child is the future of mankind.

Your days are past. What does it matter if it goes against you? What have you gained by it? you are empty, you are beggars. Do you want your children also to be empty and beggars? That’s what every parent is trying to do - to reproduce copies, carbon copies. And remember, existence accepts only the originals. Carbon copies are not acceptable in existence.

Let your child have his original face.

It may create fear in you, it may create concern in you, but those are your problems. Don’t in any way inhibit the child. And a child who has been given freedom - even against his own parents - will respect you forever, will remain grateful to you forever.

Right now, just the opposite is the case: every child is full of anger, rage, hatred for the parents, because what they have done to him is unforgivable.

So by giving freedom, by allowing the child to be himself whatever that means, accepting him in his natural self wherever it leads, you are creating a child who will worship you. You have been not only ordinary fathers and mothers, you have been givers of life, freedom, uniqueness.

He will carry the beautiful memory in his heart forever, and his gratitude towards you will make him absolutely certain that what has been done for him, he has to do for the future generations.

If every generation behaves towards the children with love and respect, and gives them freedom to grow, all this nonsense of the generation gap will disappear. If you respect your children, if you are friends to your children, no generation gap is possible.

Ordinarily what is happening around the world is, there is no communication between the children and the parents. They kiss each other, they shake hands, but it is all hypocrisy - done because it has to be done.

My father was being told by his friends, “You are going too far, giving so much freedom to your boy. Not only that, you talk with him as if he is your age. It seems you are not father and son but friends. This is not good - the father has to be authoritative.” But my father was a simple man. He could not be authoritative.

From my very childhood I remember him only as an older friend. Perhaps that created a situation. In my whole life I never had friends of my own age, always older people. I could not understand what the generation gap is, because I was always having friendships with people who were forty years older than me, fifty years older than me. One man, Pandit Sunderlal, was ninety years old - seventy years older than me, but we were great friends. Perhaps because of my father, the generation gap did not exist for me.

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