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Chapter 14: No Master, No Disciple

I have collected all the unfits, rebels, individuals who have refused to become just a cog in the wheel of the social mechanism, who have refused to believe in religious lies, in political cunningness, hypocrisy.

My people are not a society; it is a commune. And the difference between a society and a commune is tremendous. A society functions according to certain rules, regulations, morality, religion, politics. And anybody who does not fit becomes an outcast. A commune is a totally different phenomenon. It has nothing to impose upon you - no ideology, no discipline, no religion, no culture. A commune simply helps you to be yourself.

So this is a group where individuals exist. And because they have allowed everybody else to be themselves, everybody else loves them as they are. There are no demands on them. You need not fulfill any conditions to be respectable; you are born respectable. Existence has respected you enough; otherwise, you would not have been here. Existence needed you; without you something would have been missing.

So the commune is nothing but a communion, a meeting of individuals who are able to meet, to love, and yet remain individuals. There is no need, no effort to dominate, to destroy the other.

All the people around the world in different societies, cultures, civilizations, are doing one thing. They may call themselves lovers, wives, husbands, parents, teachers, students - but everybody is trying to destroy the other. There seems to be some fear, paranoia, that if you don’t destroy the other, then the other is going to destroy you, so it’s better to be first. And they have, down the ages, developed strategies. Those strategies have become part of their upbringing.

When the parents are trying to destroy their children - they don’t think they are destroying them; they think they are making them human; they are teaching them to be cultured; they are teaching them manners, etiquette, behavior. Whatever they are doing, they think they are doing for the children’s sake. This was done to them by their parents, and for millennia every generation has been doing it to the coming generation.

Only in this last phase of the century has a generation gap arisen. It has never been in the world before, for the simple reason that people were not going to the colleges, to the university, and being away from their parents for such a long period - ten years or more.

Those years they have been in the university is the gap. The parents could not condition them according to their ideology, and when they come back from the university - twenty-five years old, twenty-six years old - they are grown-ups. They have their own intelligence, their own thinking. Now it is not easy to force them to believe in things for which you cannot give any rational proofs.

You cannot tell them to believe in a God, you cannot tell them to believe in heaven and hell, for the simple reason that now they can think on their own, and your ideas look just stupid. This is the generation gap. It is growing wider.

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