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Chapter 6: Your Problems Are All Bogus

Remember, I am not here to make you normal or adjusted. I am here to make you individuals. And you are not to fulfill any criterion other than your own destiny. I am looking at you directly. I am not saying that you have to be like “this,” because that’s how you have been destroyed, that’s how your so-called character has been created. The character is disease, it is illness, it is how you are suffering, imprisoned. I have to destructure it, destroy it, so that you can become free. So that again again you can start soaring high, again you start thinking in terms of your own being, again you can become an individual.

The society has polluted it too much, corrupted you too much, so whenever the chaos starts you become afraid - “What is going on? Am I going crazy?”

I have heard a very famous story of when Queen Marie visited America and asked to meet a most famous psychiatrist.

The nurse ushered in Queen Marie and said to the psychiatrist, “I would like you to meet the Queen of Romania.”

The psychiatrist looked at the queen and asked, “How long does she think she has been a queen?”

Because a psychiatrist is always treating people of whom somebody thinks he is an Alexander, somebody thinks he is a Genghis Khan, somebody thinks he is Hitler, somebody who thinks she is a Cleopatra.. So of course he couldn’t think that Queen Marie, Queen of Romania, herself has come. He thought, “Must be some other woman gone crazy. How long does she think she has been a queen?”

Another story I have heard:

A patient was brought to a psychiatrist by friends, who told the doctor that the man was suffering from delusions that an enormous fortune was awaiting him. He was expecting two letters which would give him full details involving a rubber plantation in Sumatra and titles to some mines in South Africa.

“It was a difficult case and I worked hard on it,” the psychiatrist told some of his colleagues, “and just when I had the man cured, the two letters arrived.”

Be alert. Those two letters may be really coming.

And don’t be afraid. The fear arises because whenever you start walking alone the fear arises. One feels insecure. The doubt arises. “Am I right?” because the whole crowd is going in one direction; you start walking alone. With the crowd the doubt never arises because you think, “Millions of people are going in this direction; there must be something in it, has to be.” The crowd mind prevails over you, the collective mind prevails over you. So many people cannot be wrong, must be right.

I have heard about one psychoanalyst who went on a picnic. They were trying to find a right spot; then one member of the group told them to come. “This is a beautiful place,” he said, “the right spot. Big trees, shadow, the river flowing by, and absolutely silent.”

The psychiatrist said, “Yes, ten million ants can’t be wrong.”

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