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Chapter 42: Let My Words Be Seeds in You

People like Gautam Buddha, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, Kabir, Nanak, al-Hillaj Mansoor, or thousands of other mystics will agree with Almustafa, that whatever they have said, they have not said it - they were also a listener, not a speaker. And whenever some speaker is also a listener, then only the universal spirit can sing a song. It is not a question of speaking. Almustafa is not an orator.

I was visiting a Christian college where they prepare missionaries. It is the biggest theological Christian college in the East - six years to prepare a missionary. The principal was taking me around the campus. I asked him, “Can you tell me in which theological college Jesus was trained?” He looked at me a little puzzled, because Jesus was not even educated - he could not even read or write.

He said, “Nobody has ever asked this question of me, and we have trained thousands of missionaries.”

I said, “The trained missionary is a hypocrite; he does not know how to surrender himself and let existence speak through him. I have seen through your classes, and I have been laughing inside myself; this is such an absurdity. You are even telling your so-called future missionaries. They are well-educated - somebody has a postgraduate degree in philosophy or religion or psychology, somebody has a PhD in psychology or philosophy or religion. They are well-educated people, and they are being trained. And when I saw the training, I could not figure out whether it was time to weep or time to laugh.”

I asked the principal, “In the last class we saw, these poor missionaries were being told when you should speak loudly, when you should raise your hand, when you should simply whisper, what gesture should be followed when you make this statement.

“Are you training actors? Do you think Christianity is a school of drama?”

He said, “I am very embarrassed; I cannot answer your question.”

I said, “Your embarrassment has answered it. You know perfectly well now that these missionaries are simply puppets. They will speak words which had been spoken by Jesus; the words will be the same, and you are making every effort that even the gestures must be the same. It is possible that the gestures may be the same, the words may be the same, it is also possible that they may be even better because Jesus was a poor carpenter’s son, uneducated, uncultured. But they will not be authentic. They can be better, as far as the science of dramatics is concerned, but they cannot be authentic. I would like to see the last class also.”

He said, “What do you mean by last class? We have gone around the whole campus.”

“I mean where you are teaching them to be crucified - because unless you teach them to be crucified, the training is incomplete.”

He said, “You are a strange fellow. You mean all these people should be crucified? They have come here to learn, and to go around the world to preach to people.”

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