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Chapter 6: The Art of Living

Or, take the question of drugs. I am not in support of drugs, but I am not against them either. I am not in support of Timothy Leary, I don’t think that you can attain samadhi by drugs - about that I am absolutely certain. No one has ever attained samadhi by drugs, notwithstanding what Aldous Huxley and others say. It is too cheap, and through chemicals there is no possibility to attain the ultimate. But I am aware that drugs can help in a certain way. They can give you a glimpse; they cannot give you the reality, but they can give you a glimpse of the reality, and that glimpse can become a breakthrough. That glimpse can uproot you from your past and can send you on a search for the real. Even if you have seen God, even in your dream, your whole life will be transformed. Of course, the God in a dream is a dream, but the next morning you will start looking into the world - where can you find this phenomenon that has happened in your dream?

So many people start their journey towards godliness, truth, samadhi, because they have had a certain glimpse somewhere - maybe through drugs, maybe through sexual orgasm, maybe through music, or sometimes accidentally. Sometimes a person falls from a train, is hit on the head and he has a glimpse. I’m not saying make a method of that! But I know this has happened. A certain center in the head is hit by accident and the person has a glimpse, an explosion of light. Never again will he be the same; now he will start searching for it. This is possible. The probable is no more probable, it has become possible. Now he has some inkling, some contact. He cannot rest now.

I am not for drugs, I am not against drugs. But still, in this community, in my commune, drugs cannot be allowed, because politicians have never been very intelligent and one should not expect too much from them. In fact, only stupid people become interested in politics. If they were intelligent they would not be in politics at all.

So just for some ordinary, small thing the whole movement cannot be destroyed. That would be foolish. After a hundred years my attitude that drugs cannot be allowed in the Commune will be thought anti-revolutionary. Naturally, I know it is anti-revolutionary. So let it be on the record.

The Hasidic masters knew it well. It is inhuman, anti-revolutionary, not to allow women to participate in ecstatic religious ceremonies, in ecstatic dances. But that society was very much against it. Because of this the whole movement would have died. So they had to prohibit it.

Buddhism died in India. Do you know why? It was because Buddha finally allowed women into his order. He himself is reported to have said, “My religion would have lived at least five thousand years, but now it will not live more than five hundred, because I am taking a very great risk.” Just allowing woman into his order was such a risk that Buddha said, “The life of my religion is reduced by four thousand, five hundred years - at the most it will last only five hundred years.” And it happened exactly that way. For only five hundred years Buddhism lived, and that life was also not at the climax, not at the optimum. Every day the life was slowing down, every day death was coming closer and closer. What happened?

The society. The society has long been male-dominated. To allow women into a religious order was to destroy the old hierarchy, the superiority of man. Even a man like Mahavira, a very revolutionary man, is reported to have said that women cannot enter moksha directly as women. First they will have to be born as men and then.. So no woman has entered into the Jaina moksha, into nirvana, directly as a woman. First she has to change her body, take a male shape and form, and then she can enter.

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