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Chapter 5: Beyond Honor and Disgrace

That’s why people think that lovers are mad - they are. Love is a beautiful madness. It is like madness, it has a quality of madness, because one becomes possessed by it. People say: Love is blind. They are right, love is blind. Because love has its own eyes! These ordinary eyes don’t work. Love has its own ways of seeing and feeling and being. All ordinary ways are thrown - off the track. Love has its own sort of world: a new world is created around the lover. He looks blind to everybody else, but he is not blind in himself; in fact for the first time he has attained to eyes, to vision, to insight.

Love can be known only by falling in love; by becoming, not even a lover, but by becoming love itself. If you are a lover, love has not happened yet. You still remain in control. If you want, you can change; if you want, you can move away. There is still a choice, love has not happened; you are still not possessed by it. You will not know.

You may be moving according to some pattern, theories, of how to love and how not to love. You must be moving through some conditioning - love has not become your heart, it does not beat within you, it still remains part of your mind. Language is of the mind and experience is of the heart. And heart has its own world, has its own dimension. So love cannot be expressed - and truth is even deeper than love.

Three planes have to be remembered. The first plane is of the head, which is the most superficial: the world of language, concepts, theories. You can manipulate it very easily, you are the master there.

Then there is a second plane, deeper than the head: that is of the heart. There your mastery is not at all. You become a slave. You cannot control it; love becomes the master, you become the slave. It possesses you completely.

But still mind can say something about love, because heart is not very far away from the head, the distance is not very far. Mind can have a few glimpses, it can look back, it can look within, and have a few glimpses. That’s why poetry is possible, painting is possible, music is possible. These are all glimpses, from the head, of the heart.

But then there is a third layer of your being which is the last layer, the very substratum, the very ground. That is your being. Head is thinking, heart is feeling, being is simply being.

Godliness, truth, ecstasy, nirvana, enlightenment - they belong to being. The head has not even heard about it. It can have a little glimpse of the second layer, that is of the heart, love. It has not even heard that there exists another layer deeper than the heart. Heart can have a little glimpse of the being, because it is nearer to it. So people who are in love can have a little understanding - I say a little - of prayerfulness. Because prayerfulness is just like love.

When Jesus says “God is love,” he is talking to the people of the heart. He was talking to his disciples. If he had been talking in a university to university professors and academicians he would not have said such a foolish thing, that God is love. He would have said God is mathematics, God is logic, or something else.

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