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Chapter 9: Practice and Desirelessness

Many things are implied and have to be understood. One, the indulgence in sensuous pleasures. Why do you ask for sensuous pleasures? Why does the mind constantly thinks about indulgence? Why do you move again and again in the same pattern of indulgences?

For Patanjali, and for all those who have known, the reason is that you are not blissful inwardly, hence the desire for pleasure. The pleasure-oriented mind means that as you are, in yourself, you are unhappy. That’s why you go on seeking happiness somewhere else. A person who is unhappy is bound to move into desires. Desires are the way for the unhappy mind to seek happiness. Of course, nowhere can this mind find happiness. At the most he can find a few glimpses; those glimpses appear as pleasure. Pleasure means glimpses of happiness. And the fallacy is that this pleasure-seeking mind thinks that these glimpses and the pleasure is coming from somewhere else. It always comes from within.

Let us try to understand. You are in love with a person, you move into sex. Sex gives you a glimpse of pleasure, it gives you a glimpse of happiness. For a single moment you feel at ease. All the miseries have disappeared, all the mental agony is no more. For a single moment you are here and now, you have forgotten all. For a single moment there is no past and no future - because of this there is no past and no future. And for a single moment you are here and now; from within you the energy flows. Your inner self flows in this moment and you have a glimpse of happiness.

But you think that the glimpse is coming from the partner, from the woman or from the man. It is not coming from the man or from the woman, it is coming from you! The other has simply helped to fall into the present, to fall out of future and past. The other has simply helped you to bring you to the nowness of this moment.

If you can come to this nowness without sex, sex by and by will become useless, it will disappear. Then it will not be a desire. If you want to move in it you can move into it as fun, but not as a desire. Then there is no obsession in it because you are not dependent on it.

Sit under a tree some day, just in the morning when the sun has not risen.. Because with the sun rising your body is disturbed and it is difficult to be at peace within. That is why in the East they have always been meditating before the sunrise. They have called it brahmamuhurt, the moments of the divine. And they are right, because with the sun, energies rise and they start flowing in the old pattern that you have created.

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