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Chapter 16: The Future Is Always Open

Now, I am not a fanatic about the color of the dress or the mala. I said, “Don’t be worried about it. I need your heart, and if that has become red. I need to be within you. If I have reached there, then don’t be worried. And I don’t want anybody to be killed in my name, I want people to live longer, healthier, happier in my name.”

Mohammed says to Mohammedans, “If you die in my name, your paradise is certain.” I say to you, “If you live in my name and love in my name and dance in my name, you are already in paradise.” I don’t guarantee anything about the future, how can I tell anybody to die in my name?

The earth is so small but it is divided in so many different groups who have grown differently, had different histories - and their past is significant, that has to be taken into account. So, whenever I have said anything about Holland, or Germany, or England, I was simply indicating the possibility.

I have so many Italians, but not reliable; very greasy and slippery! They try hard, nice people, but what can they do about their greasiness? Something in them is always slippery. Many Italians have come to me, very few have stayed. Those who have stayed have changed a lot, but still something of greasiness is there. Now they are not going to slip back, but the possibility remains. They are not absolutely out of it.

But if we can get the right people, the people who are not that ripe may start following them. That’s how the human mind functions; it is imitative. If we have enough red people around the earth, then more and more Italians will slip into being red people. Slipperiness has no direction, you just have to give them the right place from where to slip.

And if we can create a rejoicing around the world, how long can England remain depressed? Nobody wants to be depressed. How long can they go on singing “God Save the King”? And what about them? God only saves the queen or the king, what about the people? God has not been in favor of the people. Those people are waiting for something to happen in the world that can drag them out of their gloominess, their depressiveness, and can make them free, free of the glory that they had of the empire which they are missing.

We can give them a new glory which nobody can take away from them. That glory that they had was really ugly: exploiting people, poor people all around the world - and your whole joy was dependent on these starving people, and you went on exploiting them. If you are sad and depressed today, it is the consequence of your own actions. You have made millions of people sad, depressed, you have killed millions of people around the world to save the empire. Now who is going to suffer the consequences?

England is now a dark hole. That does not mean that people want to live in that dark hole, but we have to make an effort to reach into their darkness with our torches, we have to throw ropes into that dark hole. Somebody is bound to catch hold of the rope and we can pull him out. And it is a question only of a few people starting to move, and others may follow.

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