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Chapter 62: Right Now Is the Goal

She said, “I cannot understand why there is so much fuss about it. What is the point? What have they gained by reaching there? Even reaching to the market, to a shop, would have been better.”

For the feminine mind it is useless. Going to the moon? - why such danger? There is no necessity. But for the masculine mind, it is not the goal. Really, the effort is the thing, because then he proves that he is masculine. They very effort, the very aggression, and the very possibility of death, gives him the thrill.

Danger is very appealing to the masculine mind. For the feminine mind it has no appeal at all. Because of this, human history is really half-recorded. The other half has been totally unrecorded, left unrecorded. We don’t know how many woman became buddhas; it is impossible to know, because our measurement, our criterion, cannot be applied to the feminine mind.

So first decide about your own mind. First meditate about your own mind - what type of mind you have got - then forget all those methods which don’t belong to you. And don’t try to reconcile them.

You have said, “Learn to include more and more of existence into your being. Draw energy from the root source of all existence. Be inclusive even of your enemy.” How can I be inclusive of my enemy while at the same time going fully into the emotion of hatred? Does this not lead to suppression?

I have said to be inclusive even of your enemy, but I have not said to start from the enemy. Start from the friend. As you are right now, you are not even inclusive of the friend. Start from the friend. Even that is difficult - to include the friend into your being, to allow him to enter in you and penetrate you, to be open to him, vulnerable. Start from the friend. Start from the lover, the beloved. Don’t jump to the enemy.

And why do you jump to the enemy? - because then you can say, “It is impossible, it cannot be done,” so you can discard it. Start from the first step. You start from the last. How can the journey become possible? You always start from the last step. The first has not been taken yet, so the last is only in the imagination. And you feel it is impossible. Of course, it is impossible. How can you start from the end? The enemy is the last point to be included.

If you can include your friend it becomes possible, because only friends become enemies. You cannot make someone an enemy without making him first your friend. Or can you? Friendship will be needed first if you want to make someone your enemy. Friendship will be the first step.

Buddha is reported to have said, “Don’t make friends, because that is the first step towards making enemies.” Buddha says, “Be friendly; don’t make friends. If you make friends you have already taken the first step; now it is not very far from when you will make the enemy.”

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