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Chapter 17: Movement and Rest

Even your so-called kings are not absolutely free, cannot be. They may have an appearance of freedom but that is false: they have to be protected, they depend on others. Their freedom is just a facade. But still, because of this urge to be absolutely free, one wants to become a king, an emperor. The emperor gives a false feeling that he is free. One wants to become very rich, because riches also give a false feeling that you are free. How can a poor man be free? His needs will be the bondage, and he cannot fulfill his needs. Everywhere he moves will be the wall which he cannot cross.

Hence the desire for riches: deep down is the desire to be absolutely free, and all desires are created by it. But if you move in false directions, you can go on moving but you will never reach the goal, because from the very beginning the direction is wrong; you missed the first step.

In old Hebrew, the word sin is very beautiful. It means one who has missed the mark; there is no sense of guilt in it really. Sin means one who has missed the mark, gone astray, and religion means to come back to the right path so you don’t miss the goal. The goal is absolute freedom, religion is just a means toward it. That’s why you have to understand that religion exists as an antisocial force: its very nature is antisocial, because in society absolute freedom is not possible.

Psychology is in the service of the society. The psychiatrist goes on trying in every way to make you adjusted again to the society; he is in the service of the society. Politics, of course, is in the service of the society. It gives you a little freedom so that you can be made a slave. That freedom is just bribery, it can be taken back any moment. If you think that you are really free, soon you can be thrown into prison. Politics, psychology, culture, education, they all serve society. Religion alone is basically rebellious. But the society has fooled you, it has created its own religions: Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Mohammedanism are social tricks. Jesus is antisocial.

Look at Jesus: he was not a very respectable man, could not be. He moved with wrong elements, antisocial elements, he was a vagabond, he was a freak. He had to be, because he would not listen to the society, and he would not become adjusted to the society. He created an alternate society, a small group of followers. Ashrams have existed as antisocial forces, but not all ashrams, because society always tries to give you a false coin. If there are a hundred ashrams then there may be one - and that too only perhaps - that is a real ashram, because that one will exist as an alternative society, against this society, this crowd, against what Jesus calls “they,” the nameless crowd.

Schools have existed - Buddha’s Bihar monasteries - which try to create a society that is not a society at all. They create ways and means to make you really and totally free: no bondage on you, no discipline of any sort, no boundaries; you are allowed to be infinite and the all. Jesus is antisocial, Buddha is antisocial, but Christianity is not antisocial, Buddhism is not antisocial. Society is very cunning: it immediately absorbs, it even absorbs antisocial phenomena into the social. It creates a facade, it gives you a false coin and then you are happy, just like small children who have been given a false, plastic breast. They go on sucking it, they feel they are being nourished. It will soothe them, of course, they will fall asleep.

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