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Chapter 2: First Taste Your Own Being

God is not a “who,” He is not a person. God is the totality, the sum total of the whole existence. God is not somebody: God is “allness.”

I am God, you are God - everybody is God, all is God. In fact, to use the word God is not right. There is godliness and no God at all. To be really true to reality, godliness is the right word to use, not God. The moment you say “God,” many things arise out of that word..

First: God becomes a person - and God is not a person. God is impersonal existence; God is impersonal “beingness.” Once you say “God,” God becomes a “he” - that is male chauvinistic, that is ugly. God is neither a “he” nor a “she.” And if you decide to use “he” or “she,” then “she” is far better - because “she” includes “he,” but the “he” does not include “she.” “She” is far bigger - naturally so. Man is born out of the woman. The woman can contain the man, the man cannot contain the woman. The man has no womb to contain anything.

But both are wrong. God is neither man nor woman, because He is not a person at all.

Then what is God? Don’t ask, “Who is God?” Ask “what is God?” Life is God. Love is God. Light is God. It is an existential experience. You never come across God like an object. You come across godliness - like an inner upsurge. Something blooms in you.and you cannot even find the flower, just a fragrance. God is not a flower but a fragrance.

I cannot indicate where God is, who God is. I can simply relate my experience of fragrance to you.

Existence is full of godliness. Everything is divine - the flowers, the birds, the rocks, the rivers.. Not that you have to create a temple for God and a church for God - that is stupid, because God is everywhere! For whom are you creating the temple and the church and the mosque? If you want to pray, you can pray anywhere. Wherever you bow down you bow down to God, because none else exists.

You will have to understand my language. Belief is a dirty word here. And by belief you are prevented from knowing; you are not helped. And it is because of belief that man is divided. It has not helped man’s spiritual growth; it has been one of the greatest barriers. It is belief that divides you as a Christian, a Hindu, a Mohammedan. It is belief that divides the earth. It is belief that creates wars.

The moment you believe, you are no more one with humanity: you are a Christian or a Hindu or a Mohammedan. You have gone ugly, you are poisoned! And now you will be continuously fighting for your belief. And all these people fighting for their beliefs are blind people fighting for their belief in light - and nobody knows what light is.

I have heard:

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