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Chapter 8: Session 8

So beautiful.so tremendous.I am in the land of the buddhas. Again I can utter nonsense, because only nonsense can become poetry.

The other day, Devageet, I saw that you were a little hurt again because I called you a fool. Please try to understand the language of a madman. If you want to understand the meaning of the word fool read The Prince by Dostoyevsky or even better, Mikhail Naimy’s book, The Book of Mirdad. It is incomparable. Each word is pure understanding, so sweet. Particularly because, as you know, I suffer from diabetes. The Book of Mirdad is good for all sufferers from diabetes because it is so sweet even though there is no sugar in it.

The Book of Mirdad talks about the fool - fool simply means the simple, the childlike, the innocent. This is why the other day I called you a fool, with great love.

I can call anybody a fool only when I love them; otherwise I am very respectful to the real fools. Then I say “sir.” I called you a fool because I love you. Whenever I call you a fool, rejoice, utterly rejoice, rejoice totally. Only then you will be able to understand.

Om.ahhh! This is the very beginning of the world. Nobody has created it as the Christians think. They think that God created it. God has done nothing. God is the very existence, not a creator. God is the very creativity that pervades everything.

God is,

even today,

this very moment,


Wherever there are devils in creation, there is God. I am seeing what must have been the very beginning. Nothing can be more beautiful, more pure, more musical.just pure music, just pure poetry.. Just the pureness of all that is good, all that is beautiful..

Om mani padme hum.

This mantra has been chanted for thousands of years in Tibet, but it can only be chanted in Tibet because they alone know the great height, the purity of the Himalayas; the purity which nobody else can know. Tibet is the only country in the world to come closest to religion. It is unfortunate, most unfortunate that Tibet is now in the hands of the communists; they are destroying it.

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