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Chapter 4: When the Heart Is Awake

And when the buddhas call “Wake up! Wake up!” what do they mean? They mean that your heart is asleep. Your head is very awake, but the awakening of the head is in reality a metaphysical sleep. Unless the heart wakes up, you are only dreaming - dreams and dreams, even dreams that you are awake, dreams of wakefulness, dreams of becoming religious, dreams of becoming saints, holy, but they are all dreams.

People even think about godliness. It is such an absurdity. People even try to prove godliness through arguments. Godliness cannot be proved, because anything that can be proved can also be disproved. If godliness depends on logic, then logic is godliness, then logic is higher than godliness. No, it does not depend on logic. In fact, if you are too logical, you will not be able at all to sense the presence of godliness in existence. And the loss is going to be yours, because not to feel the presence of godliness in existence is to miss the whole point of life.

And man lives in thoughts, arguments, theories, philosophies. And the danger is that if you talk too much about godliness and you read too much about it and you discuss too much about it, you may be able to deceive yourself. Millions have deceived themselves in this way.

A seminarian, ordained during his last semester, dressed in his black suit, his gleaming white collar, his well-polished shoes, contemplated himself in the mirror. Pleased with what he saw, he decided to deprive the world of his services no longer and went forth to do God’s bidding on Ninth Avenue in New York City.

As he stood on the curb, hands in pockets, wondering what to do, he was observed by a drunk who seemed unimpressed. Their eyes met and the drunk said, “Sonny, what the hell do you know about God?”

The young man made no reply, went to his room, removed his clerical garb, and wondered what the hell he did know about God.

You can study, you can go to the universities, to theological colleges; you can have degrees in religious philosophy - and yet you will never know godliness. That is not the way - that is the barrier.

Godliness is known through the heart. Let it sink deep into your being: godliness is only known through the heart. So when the buddhas say “Wake up!” they mean let your heart be awake. And what is the meaning of the heart being awake? When the head is awake, it thinks, it spins, weaves, beautiful systems of thought. And when the heart is awake, it sings songs of love. It celebrates - just the sheer joy of being is enough to celebrate. It loves - the love is unaddressed; the love is not flowing towards a particular object. When the heart is awake, it starts flowing in all directions. It loves the whole, it simply loves - it is love.

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