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Chapter 8: From the Mortal to the Immortal

The Apaches of North America believe that there are spirits of divine origin in the eagle and other birds. The Ostiaks regard a tree as holy on which an eagle has nested. The eagle owl is worshipped as a mediator, and the owl is particularly important among the Ainus; its cry may not be imitated, since it is believed to be capable of bewitching. In parts of Australia, the wren is worshipped. In Central America, Brazil, and West Africa the thunderbird is known as the god of the tempest. In many countries the swallow is regarded as a sacred bird. Misfortune will come to anyone who kills it, and it may not be touched or caught. It is also taboo to take the nest of a swallow.

In India itself the Hindus have believed that the fish is the first incarnation of God, the tortoise is another, the pig is another. But the researchers were concerned that parrots are not mentioned anywhere, and they could not find the reason. It is clear that the parrot is so much like the pundit, or the rabbi, repeating the scriptures; so much like the priest, bishop, cardinal or pope that they cannot allow these fellows. It is a question of business. These parrots repeat whatever you say, they don’t answer.

I will tell Avirbhava to bring her parrots and to show how they repeat. Avirbhava, bring your gods.

(Avirbhava rests two huge parrots on their perches on each side of Osho on the podium. In the middle she places a small pink cockatoo which flutters in front of him.)

Just say something.

(She leans over to the parrot on the right and says, “Yaa-hoo!” Then she goes to the one on the left and says even more loudly, “Yaa-hoo!” The one in the middle now starts chirping.. And Osho chuckles away while Avirbhava rushes from parrot to parrot saying, “Yaa-hoo! Yaa-hoo!” But the parrots’ replies are drowned in wild laughter. Osho too is laughing and enjoying the show tremendously.)

One joke for the parrots..

Klarrot the Parrot has abandoned her perch and is sitting on the lampshade near the telephone when Kowalski gets home. Kowalski opens the door, and steps into a huge mountain of birdseed.

Immediately, Kowalski makes a dive for the lampshade and grabs Klarrot.

“Did you order more birdseed?” he bellows at the parrot, clutched in his hand.

Klarrot remains silent, and glares at Kowalski with her beady eyes.

“Did you order more birdseed?” Kowalski screams again.

Klarrot does not blink.

“Right!” shouts Kowalski, and he takes the parrot upstairs to the attic and ties her to a beam with her wings stretched out.

Kowalski stomps downstairs and Klarrot is left staring into space. She looks around and can just see Jesus on a crucifix, nailed to the opposite wall.

In a quiet whisper, Klarrot asks, “Did you order more birdseed, too?”

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