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Chapter 7: The Mysteries of Initiation

When he became awakened, he was silent for seven days continuously. He did not feel like speaking.

This is a very beautiful story.

The gods became uneasy - because if Buddha remains silent, what will become of those on the borderline? He cannot do anything for those who are in a deep sleep - even a Buddha cannot do anything for them. And he cannot do anything for those who are already awakened. They do not need any help from him. But there are a few who are just on the edge - and just a small push will awaken them. His very presence may be enough to awaken them.

So the gods came to Buddha, prayed to him, and asked him to speak. Buddha said to them, “There are persons who cannot be helped. They are so asleep, it is useless to speak with them. Those who can listen to me, they are already awake. So there is no need to talk with them either. So why do you ask me to talk? It is meaningless. Let me remain silent.”

And the gods said, “But there is still a category that is left: those who are not so awake that they can understand. They are just on the border. They may not even listen to all you say, but even a word may pull them out. You must speak.”

It is only after thousands and thousands of years that a person becomes a buddha. He must speak. He must not remain silent. The opportunity must not be lost. Buddha became convinced - yes, there is a third category. That third category is the category of the initiates: the mid-category.

From the one who is being initiated it is surrender - and nothing else will do. Initiation means to be surrendered. The Buddhist term for initiation, and the one who is being initiated, is shrotapann - one who has come into the current. Buddha is flowing just like a current. One who surrenders himself - falls into the current and starts flowing - is shrotapann. The current cannot come to you. The current is flowing by the side of your house: you can jump into it. But if you begin to swim, then you will begin to resist, to fight with the current. Then you will have your aims, your goal to reach somewhere.

So there are persons who come to the enlightened one, but they will begin to argue. They will want reasons, they will ask proof, they will want to be convinced. This way is struggle - they fight with the enlightened one. This does not harm the enlightened one, but it harms you - because the moment is being lost. You were in the mid-category, which is why you have come. But now you are losing the moment. It may be that you will again go into deep sleep. Surrendering means: one who begins to flow with the stream, who gives himself to the stream.

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