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Chapter 22: This Whole Earth Belongs to Us

Yes, a few things..

Tell my sannyasins in the Soviet Union: one, that not only are they underground, now my whole sannyas movement is underground. I have taken away everything outside and left you with only meditation. No government, no fanatic religion is capable of finding the treasure of meditation that you are carrying. And outer things don’t matter.

Russian sannyasins have always felt sad because even though they live in a red country, they cannot use red clothes. Now there is no problem: we have claimed the whole rainbow. Now all colors are our sannyas colors, so they should not feel sad anymore. And now it is possible in the Soviet Union to spread meditation more easily; hence the Soviet Union is one of the most potential countries.

It needs meditation, because Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Lenin - the communist trinity - had no idea of meditation at all. They have never been to their inner being. They have never touched their own self and felt its benediction. They were poor people.

And in Russia, after the revolution, everything that is in any way related to religion has become a crime. But what I am giving, even the Soviet Union cannot deny, because we don’t have any God, we don’t have any heaven and hell, we don’t have any priesthood, we don’t have any prayer, we don’t have any kind of ritual.

We have declared that we are no longer a religion. We don’t have any theology. We are seekers of our own interiority - that has nothing to do with religion. And who can prevent you from going inwards? You can be prevented from going to some place outwards, but you cannot be prevented by any force, atomic, nuclear - no force can prevent you from going inwards.

And there is no principle in the whole literature of Marxism which says that going into your own being is against communism. It has nothing to do with communism. Communism is just a political phenomenon. To go inside is just like sleep; what has sleep to do with communism? Going inside is absolutely unconnected with any kind of politics.

So tell the sannyasins in the Soviet Union that they need not be afraid. The KGB is persecuting them - make it clear to them that we are not a religion, and we don’t have any politics. What we are doing is an “insearch.” And, according to the Soviet constitution, insearch is not a crime. So don’t be afraid. Be straightforward and up front.

Meditation is not a prayer. Prayer needs a God: meditation needs no God. Meditation needs only you, ready to explore what is inside you: What is this life? What is this consciousness?

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