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Chapter 9: Truth Simply Is

But this has been the attitude of your so-called thinkers down the ages. One party says the old is gold, and the older it is, the better. That’s what Hindus say, that their Vedas are the oldest scriptures. That’s what the Jainas say, that their first tirthankara, Adinatha, is the ancient-most master in the world. It may be so, but it has nothing to do with truth. It has something to do with history, it has something to do with the body and the personality of Adinatha, but it has nothing to do with his inner truth, not at all.

Just the other day in the newspapers, I came across Morarji Desai’s statement about me, that Osho cannot be compared with Mahavira. Why? What can the problem be? Mahavira is old, ancient; twenty-five centuries have passed - how can Osho be compared to Mahavira? But Morarji Desai has to be reminded.

Jesus said of Abraham: I am before Abraham was. Abraham preceded Jesus by at least twenty-five centuries, just as Mahavira has preceded me. But Jesus says, “I am before Abraham was.” What does he mean? Morarji Desai will be at a loss.

I also say, “I am before Mahavira was.” The difference between me and Mahavira is only on the surface, on the horizontal line where we are separated by twenty-five centuries; but on the vertical?.And it is the vertical which is significant, not the horizontal. On the vertical, we are not two.

That’s what Jesus is saying: “I am before Abraham was.” He is not saying that Jesus is older than Abraham. He is saying this reality of I-amness, this truth of being, is eternal. It was there even before Abraham.

But maybe Morarji Desai is not interested in Jesus and Abraham. He has a very conditioned Hindu mind. Then I will remind him of a great mystic, Gorakh. Gorakh says, “My master is my son, and my master’s master is my grandson, and my master’s master’s master is my great-grandson.” What does Gorakh mean? Is he just destroying the whole idea of history? The disciple saying that “My master is my son” now, is he putting things upside down? How can Gorakh be the father of his own master? and how can he be the grandfather of his own master’s master?

What he is saying is simply this: that in time there is a sequence - the father precedes the son, never otherwise - but in the world of eternity nothing is preceded by anything; all simply is. There, distinctions, distinctions of time, disappear; only one remains.

Morarji Desai is offended because some of my sannyasins met him and compared me with Mahavira. He was very angry; he said, “No, you cannot compare Osho with Mahavira.” Why? Essentially there is only one truth. Lies are many, truth is one. Diseases are many, health is one.

Mahavira moved in the vertical and disappeared as a personality and became the essence; so did it happen to Mohammed, so did it happen to Bahauddin, so has it happened to me! - and so can it happen to anybody who is courageous enough to take the jump into the vertical.

The moment you take the jump into the vertical, personality disappears; you are no more A, B, C. Then the taste is the same just as from wherever you taste the ocean it is the same salty taste. The taste of truth is one. It is the same truth that Jesus tasted, it is the same truth that Buddha and Mahavira tasted. It is the same truth that I am tasting and you can taste. And that taste knows no time, no distances.

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