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Chapter 12: The Total Man

Now, it is as if a man’s hands are working on their own, his legs are working on their own, his head is working on its own; his heart is going towards the north, his head is going towards the south, his hands are going towards the east, his feet are going towards the west - and man is falling apart! Who is going to keep man together?

Except for religion, nothing is capable of keeping man together. Hence every day the importance of religion will become greater and greater. And remember, when I say “religion” I don't mean Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism: I mean a quality of religiousness.

I am not a politician, but I can see what is happening in this country, and I can see better because I am not a politician. I have no vested interest in politics. I can observe more detachedly, I am just a witness. And because I have no vested interest, my vision is going to be more clear.

The more meditative you become, the more clarity there is, and life is no more like a puzzle. Things which were not fitting before start fitting with each other like a jigsaw puzzle; all the parts start fitting with each other. A pattern arises, a gestalt arises.

I say many things about art: I am not an artist. Neither am I a cook, but I can say whether the food is worth eating or not, whether it is tasteful or not. One need not be a cook for that. I don't even know how to prepare tea! I have never done anything like that, but still I can say that this tea does not taste like tea at all. And you cannot say to me, “Stick to your religious pursuits, Osho! You have no right to say anything about tea because you don’t know how tea is made. You have no right to say anything about spaghetti!” I have not even tasted spaghetti - ever. Only once it was brought to me. It was stinking, so I simply had to throw it away! That much I can do; for that I have absolute freedom.

I talk about music - not that I am a musician, but I have got ears, and sensitive ears, and that is enough. I can talk about art because I have got eyes and my eyes can see what is beautiful and what is not. I need not be a painter to see the ugliness of Picasso’s paintings! I need not be a sculptor to see the beauty of Konarak, Khajuraho or the Taj Mahal. I can see the beauty of Michelangelo’s work. I am not a novelist but I can see Dostoevsky and his great work; I can appreciate Tolstoy, Chekhov, Gorky. Nobody will say, “You are not a novelist so you cannot appreciate a novel like Brothers Karamazov.”

I am not a politician, that is true, but I can see man in his totality because I am deep down utterly silent and clear. And I can see not only that which is happening but that which is going to happen. I can see in the seed the flower, I can see the child in the womb. I can almost visualize what is going to happen, and it is not imagination because I dropped imagination long, long ago. It is not projection either because I have no desires left.

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