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Chapter 9: The Golden Alchemy

Man has invented so many lies. Most of the time man lives with the support of his lies. Truth is difficult. The search for truth is difficult, the path of truth is covered with thorns. This is not because truth has any need to be difficult, but because we have become so used to lies. A person who has only known mud for lifetime after lifetime finds it impossible even to imagine that a lotus can be born out of the mud. And a person who has only lived in darkness, in the night - whose eyes have become used to this darkness - cannot open his eyes even if the light comes. His eyes will be dazzled; the light will feel very painful.

This is why we hear a lot of talk about searching for the divine, but no one searches. We hear a lot about going in, but no one goes in. The enlightened ones shout at us to wake up, but we never awaken. And even there we play false games. We say, “We will awaken, yes, we must awaken, but how can we right now? How can we today?” Even there we have created great philosophies of falsehood. We say, “We have woven the web of our past actions through many lives. It will take time to break it. We must strive with our spiritual disciplines, we must exercise self-control, we must observe religious vows and rules, we must go on pilgrimages, we must fast. If we can earn enough virtue, our sins will be erased. Then, and only then, will it happen.”

These are all man’s tricks so that he doesn’t have to change. The reality is, if you want to change, the blessings of the divine are available to you in this very moment.

When rays of light enter the darkness, how can the darkness object? Can it say, “I am thousands of years old, millions of years old, how can I disappear just like that - just because the light has arrived? I am not a new darkness, I am not a child; I am old, ancient, I belong to eternity! Let the light ray come and hit against me, but it will need many lifetimes to destroy me.” No, the darkness doesn’t say anything like that, it can do no such thing. What power does darkness have? This is the art of a devotee. This is the key, the essence of a devotee: “I am the darkness, I have made many mistakes - that is certain. I have stumbled many times, and yes, I am darkness - this is my identity, my ego. If your light can descend on me, this darkness will disappear right now. With your grace it can happen immediately.”

“The devotee doesn’t seek to change his actions. Rather, he invokes the grace of the divine.

Today’s sutras are related to that call for divine grace. They are unique. But first you must keep in mind that the basis, the foundation of a devotee is grace, not effort. Effort belongs to man, grace belongs to the divine. Effort is your doing, grace is your waiting - not your action. Effort is what you do, effort is where you succeed or fail. Grace is where you don’t exist, where only the divine is. And there, there is no way that you can be unsuccessful.

Look at it like this. As I see it, your world is your effort, it is effort. You build a house, a shop; you build a position and your prestige - and this is all your effort, your endeavor. It would not have happened unless you had done something - and you did.

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