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Chapter 23: Enlightenment without Bargaining

And it is not difficult because every woman, once you have found her, is horrible. They are great actors. When they are far away, they look so nice that you feel like postponing enlightenment. What is the hurry? But let the girl come close, and find yourself encaged, your money gone, your bicycle gone, even your shirt.and that fellow has not appeared again. How can he appear? The rented bicycle is not there, the money is not there, he is sitting in a bamboo hut, naked, enlightened!

Do you want to be enlightened? Just find his bamboo hut. Just give your clothes and money and your rented bicycle to him and tell him, “You can find some woman, let me be enlightened now. You have been long enough enlightened, almost three days.”

Yoganand, enlightenment is not a desire - and you have to understand the difference between desire and longing. You desire money, you desire position, you desire power, you desire a thousand and one things. But when you feel thirsty, the thirst is not a desire; it is a longing which is coming from every cell of your being. Lost in a desert.

A question was asked by a sannyasin to Alexander the Great.because Alexander declared himself to the sannyasin, “I am Alexander the Great.”

The sannyasin was standing naked by the side of a river. He started laughing. He said, “I have never seen such a stupid man as you are, calling yourself ‘the Great’. Only those who are not great think, imagine, desire, proclaim their greatness. But those who are really great don’t even know that they are great. Greatness is in innocence. And what have you come to me for?”

Alexander was shaken. He was not shaken by great armies; even mountains would not have prevented him from doing anything. But this naked man had such a strong being, such an aura and presence. And the way he told him, “You are stupid and you are still suffering from inferiority; hence you call yourself Alexander the Great. Just Alexander will do. But what is your purpose?”

Alexander said, “My teacher, Aristotle, in Greece, has asked me that when I come back from India, I should bring along a sannyasin.”

The old sannyasin laughed again. He said to him, “Just tell your so-called teacher that the sannyasin has nothing except himself - and your teacher himself also has that being. There is no need to bring it, to import it from somewhere. Just tell him to be silent and desireless, peaceful, looking inwards, and he will find me.”

Alexander could not understand the language. In fact, Aristotle was not a mystic. He was a logician, a great philosopher, but he never thought about the miraculous, about that which is irrational but exists - the mysterious, the unknown, but it is all around.

It is without you and it is within you.

And the first thing is to experience it within yourself, because that is the closest point.

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