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Chapter 8: Love Makes No Shadow

People have to be converted into carbon copies; their originality has to be destroyed, otherwise all the nonsense that has existed on the earth will be impossible. You need a leader, because first you have to be made unintelligent; otherwise there would be no need for any leader. Why should you follow anybody? You will follow your intelligence. If somebody wants to become a leader, then one thing has to be done: your intelligence has to be destroyed somehow. You have to be shaken from your very roots, you have to be made afraid. You have to be made unconfident in yourself, that is a must. Only then can the leader come in.

If you are intelligent you will solve your problems yourself. Intelligence is enough to solve all the problems. In fact whatsoever problems are created in life, you have more intelligence than those problems. It is a provision, it is a gift of God.

But there are ambitious people who want to rule, dominate; there are ambitious madmen - they create fear in you. Fear is like rust: it destroys all intelligence. If you want to destroy somebody’s intelligence, the first necessary thing is to create fear; create hell and make people afraid. When people are afraid of hell they will go to the priest and bow down to the priest, they will listen to the priest. If they don’t listen to the priest.then hellfire. Naturally they are afraid. They have to protect themselves from hellfire, and the priest is needed, the priest becomes a must.

I have heard about two men who were partners in a business. Their business was very unique and they used to travel around the country. One partner would come to the town. In the night he would go around and throw coal tar on people’s windows, and then disappear by morning. After two or three days, the other would come. He used to clean off the coal tar; he would clean the people’s windows and people would pay, of course - they had to pay. They were partners in the same business. One would damage, the other would come to undo it.

Fear has to be created, and greed has to be created. Intelligence is not greedy. You will be surprised to know that an intelligent man is never greedy. Greed is part of unintelligence. You hoard for tomorrow because you are not confident that tomorrow you will be able to tackle your life; otherwise why hoard? You become misers, you become greedy, because you don’t know whether tomorrow your intelligence will be capable of coping with life or not. Who knows? You are not confident about your intelligence so you hoard, you become greedy. An intelligent person is not afraid, is not greedy. Greed and fear go together. That’s why heaven and hell go together. Hell is fear, heaven is greed.

Create fear in people and create greed in people - make them as greedy as possible. Make them so greedy that life cannot satisfy them; then they will go to the priest and to the leader. Then they will start fantasizing about some future life where their foolish desires, stupid fantasies, will be fulfilled. Watch it. To demand the impossible is to be unintelligent.

An intelligent person is perfectly satisfied with the possible. He works for the probable, he never works for the impossible and the improbable, no. He looks at life and its limitations, he is not a perfectionist. A perfectionist is neurotic. If you are a perfectionist you will go neurotic.

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