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Chapter 10: Open the Door

The first thing: you cannot be identified as being a poet, because poetry is something that happens only when you are not there. If you are there, it will just be rubbish. It happens only when you are absent. That’s why it is so beautiful. It comes into your emptiness: it fills you - your vacuum. You become pregnant with the unknown, with the strange.

The poet is just a mother. The mother is not going to produce the child. The child has been conceived: at the most the mother is tending it, caring for it deep within her heart, trying to give it a body - not the soul. Poetry comes to you just like a child is conceived - in deep love. In deep receptivity you become a womb and the poetry is conceived. It is a pregnancy. And one has to be very careful because miscarriage is always possible: you can abort; you can be too much in a hurry and you can destroy it.

Allow it to settle within your being. It will take its own time, it will grow by and by. It will grow in your unconscious. Your conscious is not needed; your conscious will be an interference. Forget about it, let it grow.

You will feel heavy.your whole being will be as if carrying a burden - nice, pleasant, but still a burden. And then one day the child is born. In that moment not only the child is born.the mother is also born. When the poetry is born, then the poet is born. It is not the poet who writes the poetry. In fact, it is the birth of poetry which creates the poet. You were not a poet before it - only by its birth.

A woman becomes a mother. A mother is a totally different category from an ordinary woman. A woman is a woman - a mother is totally different. She has conceived something of the beyond; she has carried the beyond into her womb and she has given it a body.

The poet is born when the poetry is born. It is a shadow of the poetry, a consequence of the poetry. It succeeds poetry, it does not precede it. There was no poet before, there was no mother before. There was a man, there was a woman - but there was no poet, there was no mother. The mother comes into existence after the poetry has happened.

Ordinarily, whatsoever you call poetry is not poetry. It is just a mind thing. You think it; you write it. Whatsoever you write is prose and whatsoever God writes through you is poetry. It may have the form of prose - it doesn’t matter. Whatsoever Buddha says or Jesus says is poetry. The form is prose, that is not the point. It is poetry because God writes it: the whole writes through the part; the ocean tries to give you a message through the drop. Whenever you write, it is prose - ordinary prose. Whenever God writes through you, it is poetry. It may be prose.it is still poetry.

You cannot be identified with being a poet. That will be a disturbance, that will destroy the whole music and the whole harmony. It is good, good that the identification has dropped, good that you have forgotten about poetry, good that it doesn’t seem to affect you in any way now whether you write or not. This is the right situation. Now for the first time there is a possibility that poetry may happen.

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