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Chapter 22: The Real Remains Silent

And this is the religious condemnation of woman. They never forget that the woman should be condemned. In every story, in every holy scripture, it is the woman who hears it - the serpent talks to the woman. But to me it has a great psychological significance: the woman can hear the inner voice more easily than the man, for the simple reason that she is not too hung up in her head. She still lives in her heart. It is not a condemnation of the woman, it is really a compliment - she has more capacity for inner growth than the man; she can hear her heartbeats more clearly than the man can.

But a strange thing is that all the religions are founded by men - a woman is not respectable enough to found a religion. And when a man founds a religion, it is going to be intellectual; it cannot be of the heart.

There is a beautiful story I have always loved.. One of the great women of the world was Meera. She was only four or five years old when there was a great procession, a marriage procession. She asked her mother, “What is happening?” The mother explained, and the little girl said, “When will I be married?”

The mother said, “These are not questions to be asked! You are too small.”

Meera said, “I may be too small but I have already fallen in love.”

The mother said, “What do you mean?”

She said, “In the temple, when I go with you - the statue of Krishna is so beautiful. I have fallen in love with that statue; so whenever you want me to be married, marry me to that statue.”

The mother said, “You are just mad! Just go out and play.” She did not take it seriously.

Meera belonged to a royal family. She finally married into another royal family, but she did not forget to take a small statue of Krishna with her.

The man she was married to must have been a very compassionate man. The first night, when he was going to meet his wife, he heard her talking, so he looked in through the window. She was sitting before the statue of Krishna and saying to him, “My lord, so finally I got married to you!”

It was a shock. Meera was an immensely beautiful woman.but the husband was certainly of great understanding. He turned back, he did not go into the room - Meera remained a virgin. And just to avoid embarrassment, he went to war as the commander in chief. He won the war, but he died in it.

Meera left the house with the statue, singing and dancing in the streets. People thought she had become mad because of the death of her husband. But she would show the statue to them: “My husband cannot die, my husband is always with me. And the one who has died, he was never my husband.”

She became famous. I don’t think anybody has sung such beautiful songs, danced so beautifully, so ecstatically.

She reached the birthplace of Krishna.. And that is the point I want to be emphasized: at the birthplace of Krishna there is the biggest Krishna temple in India. The priest of the temple had taken the vow of celibacy, so no woman was allowed in the temple.

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