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Chapter 1: Man Is a Seed

Man is not what he is: he can be more. Man is not finished: man is a growth. Man is the only growing being in existence, the only evolving being in existence. Man is a potential and much has to become actual in him. And unless you start transforming your potential into the actual, your life will remain empty. The seed is empty. If the seed remains a seed it will remain in anguish; it will not feel the joy of fulfillment, the contentment that comes when the seed has become the tree and the tree has bloomed.

Man is a seed - the seed of godliness. When man blooms, godliness becomes manifest. That’s why we have called Buddha “Bhagwan”; Mahavira, Krishna, “Bhagwan.” It simply means that their seed is no more a seed; the seed has disappeared in the soil of existence, and they have come to their ultimate blossoming. Godliness has bloomed in them. The fragrance of divineness has been released. They are fulfilled, utterly fulfilled - joyous they are, because they have come home. Now there is nowhere to go.

Man is the only animal who is an unfinished product. Nature has brought man to a certain point, and from that point man has been made responsible. Now you are responsible for your growth. Nature cannot do anymore; whatsoever was possible through nature has already happened - it has brought you to the threshold. You have to take the further journey now; you have to become a pilgrim.

If you don’t become a pilgrim, if your life does not take the quality of adventure, of search, of inquiry, you will remain empty - and you will remain thirsty, and you will remain hungry. You will remain spiritually starved. Don’t take yourself for granted - that is the problem, exactly that is the very crux of the problem. We take ourselves for granted, we think as if we are what we are supposed to be.

Man is a paradox. Man is not what he thinks he is - man is far more. Man’s capacities are immense. In fact, there are no limits to man’s growth. One can go on and on and on.. It is an infinite journey. There is no goal. There is a beginning of the pilgrimage but no end.

To know godliness is to know that life is an eternal pilgrimage. That is the meaning when we say godliness is infinite. You can go on attaining, but you can never say that now the dead end has come.

This is the beauty of existence. It goes on giving you more and more opportunities. When you have climbed one peak, another peak starts giving you challenges.

The misery of man is that he thinks he is what he is supposed to be. He thinks that he is already that which he can be. Man remains satisfied with the superficial; then there will remain a deep discontent in your soul. That’s what Kabir is trying to say.

Kabir is one of the greatest revolutionaries who has ever walked on the earth. His insight is of tremendous value. If you can fall en rapport with his vision you will be enriched - you will be enriched beyond all your expectations.

I laugh, says Kabir, when I hear that the fish in the water
is thirsty.

He is talking about you, not about the fish - you are the fish. Kabir says “I laugh..” The buddhas have always been laughing.

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