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Chapter 28: Act According to Your Insight

Getting stuck in the middle is a very difficult situation. You have lost the world, and your roots in it, where everybody else lives; and you have not found a new world, new roots where you wanted to live. So you are without any roots, without any nourishment. You cannot go back, because that which is left is left, that which you have known as nonsense is now nonsense - you cannot make it sensible again.

So going back is impossible. And you are stuck in the middle because you are not finding guidance how to go ahead to the end.

Not much guidance is needed on my path, but as far as Gurdjieff is concerned, he is right. Without him his disciples will be stuck because he has never given a clear-cut direction to anyone. He has spoken in puzzles, and only he knows how to make any sense of them. So unless he is with the disciples, they are really in a state of woe - they are cursed. He has taken them out of their homes and there is no new home where they can be.

But with me it is totally different: I have not been giving you detailed directions. You don’t need me the way Gurdjieff is needed by his followers - because I feel that kind of need is a sort of spiritual slavery.

My whole effort has been to tell you the whole truth.

You are feeling a little puzzled, not because you don’t know how to go forward; your puzzlement is coming from missing the nourishment that my love and my presence can give you, not from a lack of guidance.

And particularly at this moment.because the whole effort of Anand Sheela and her gang was to create a very centered hierarchy, so everything got directed from above. And people like it, because that gives them freedom from responsibility. They are no longer responsible: whatever happens, the source of guidance is responsible - but simultaneously they are becoming slaves.

Seeing this I had to come out of silence, because it was absolutely against my work. I want a deconcentrated world of sannyasins. They should be given a clear-cut direction, understanding. Their responsibility should not be taken away.

They remain responsible.

They remain free.

They remain their own masters.

And that’s what I am trying to do now - undoing everything that, in those four years when I was in silence, has been done to you. And it is not a difficult job to undo it.

I would like all the communes that want to continue to be autonomous: not dependent on any central world headquarters; related, but not dependent; related just because they are sannyasins. The world headquarters is their headquarters. It is not somebody else dominating them and making them do things whether they like it or not.

There are communes which are not satisfied with remaining together - they can disperse. They can have smaller groups, small centers, small ashrams. There are individuals who would like to remain individuals, not part of any collective group - they should be allowed, because my work is an individual work.

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