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Chapter 2: Empty Eyes

So please, never feel guilty around me. I am utterly against any kind of guilt. Guilt is absolutely wrong. But it has been used by the priests and the politicians and the puritans down the ages - for centuries. Guilt is a strategy, a strategy to exploit people: make them feel guilty. Once you have succeeded in making them feel guilty, they will be your slaves. Because of the guilt they will never be integrated enough, because of the guilt they will remain divided. Because of the guilt they will never be able to accept themselves, they will be always condemning. Because of the guilt they will be ready to believe in anything. Just to get rid of guilt they will do anything. Any nonsense, any nonsense ritual they will perform just to get rid of the guilt.

Down the centuries the priest has made people guilty. All the so-called religions exist on your guilt, they don’t exist on the existence of God. They have nothing to do with God and God has nothing to do with them; they exist on your guilt. You are afraid, you know that you are wrong: you have to seek the help of somebody who is not wrong. You know that you are unworthy: you have to bow down, you have to serve those who are worthy. You know that you cannot trust yourself, because you are divided.

Only an undivided person can trust himself - his feeling, his intuition. You are always shaking, trembling inside; you need somebody to lean on. And once you lean on somebody, once you become dependent on somebody, you remain childish, you never grow. Your mind age remains that of a child. You never attain to any maturity, you never become independent. And the priest does not want you to become independent. Independent and you are lost to him, dependent and you are his whole marketplace, his whole business.

I am utterly against any kind of guilt. Remember it always: if you start feeling guilty about something around me, then you are doing it on your own. Then you are still carrying the voices of your parents, the priests within you; you have not yet heard me, you have not yet listened to me. I want you to be totally free of all guilt. Once you are free of guilt you are a religious person. That’s my definition of a religious person.

Use doubt - doubt is beautiful - because it is only through doubt that the trust attains to maturity. How can it be otherwise? It has to be beautiful - it is only through doubt that the trust becomes centered, it is only through doubt that the trust flowers, blooms. It is the dark night of doubt that brings the golden morning closer to you. The dark night is not against the dawn, the dark night is the womb for the dawn. The dawn is getting ready in the very being of the dark night.

Think of doubt and trust as complementary - just as man and woman are, just as night and day, summer and winter, life and death. Always think of those pairs, inevitably, in terms of complementariness; never think in terms of opposition. Even though on the surface they seem to be opposed, deep down they are friends, helping each other.

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