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Chapter 2: Accept Yourself As You Are

So please, never use the word guilt: that word is dangerous, that word has been misleading you for centuries. If you cannot receive me, if you cannot understand me, let it be so; it is perfect. It may not be needed, it may not be your need. You are thirsty; then you seek water. Maybe the water is seeking you, and you are not thirsty. So what is wrong in it?

This has to be remembered: if you cannot receive me, then that’s how it has to be. Then you are not at the stage where you need me. Don’t create any guilt. When you need me, you will receive me, otherwise it is not possible. Every state is right; every stage is right - wherever you are is right; and whatsoever you need, you are capable of receiving it. When your needs grow, your receptivity will grow. Don’t jump ahead; don’t try to overtake yourself. Then you will be in a very stupid state of mind, and then you will create your own anguish, and you will feel guilty. There is nothing in the world for which one needs to feel guilty.

Accept yourself as you are, and accept totally, unconditionally. That is the way God wants you to be: the way you are, exactly, precisely. That’s how you are needed here in this moment. Don’t try to change. The very effort to change is foolish, because who is going to change? You will change. The very effort is foolish, because you are trying to pull yourself up by your shoelaces. You may jump a little, but back again you will be on the same earth - and in a worse condition, because guilt will come in - you couldn’t succeed, you failed.

If you are here, at least learn one thing from me - total acceptance. And total acceptance brings transformation of its own accord: that’s the beauty of it. When you accept yourself you start moving - not that you force; not that you push the river; not that you fight - you flow with life. Wherever it leads is the goal. I am not giving you any goal. I am not giving you any ideal.

All perfectionists are neurotic. The very effort to become perfect is obsessive - it creates neurosis, it creates a sort of madness. Then you will never be sane. The only sanity there is, is to accept yourself as you are. Don’t condemn, and don’t judge. Don’t make standards to judge and don’t make criteria to judge. Suddenly you see that you have started moving, that the river is flowing. And the river reaches to the ocean of its own accord; nobody needs to force it. The more you try to change yourself, the more you will be in a vicious circle. And then guilt is created; and when you feel guilty, you feel condemned, and when you feel condemned, in that condemnation life becomes a hell. The hell does not exist somewhere; it exists in a wrong attitude. Then you live in hell, then your whole being is surrounded by a nightmare.

Drop that nightmare. Start living and flowing - a deep let-go, acceptance. And wherever you move, don’t be worried, because God is everywhere. Wherever you reach, don’t be worried: he is everywhere. You cannot miss him. How can you miss him? That is impossible. You can go on forgetting him, but you cannot miss him - he is in you, he is everywhere; only he is. But when you create the idea of guilt, for whatsoever reason, then you create a gap; then you are surrounded by your own darkness. Drop that word guilt, and always remember that words are very potential and powerful.

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