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Chapter 14: Of the Three Evil Things

Zarathustra is immensely in love with man. He is no enemy; he is a friend. He hates the present state because he knows you can go far away, you can reach high peaks. This is not what you are meant for. His hate towards the present mankind is because of his deep love for your future, for the distant goal of the superman. He is absolutely against inhuman values. All the religions expect you to follow inhuman values.

If you look into the religious scriptures of all the religions you will be surprised: what they are asking you to do is so unnatural that you cannot fulfill it. Certainly their purpose of asking is something that you are not aware of. They also know you cannot fulfill the demands that they are making on you. But then why they are making those demands? Their hidden purpose is to make you feel guilty. And the only way to make you feel guilty is to ask something unnatural, which you cannot do, whatever way you try. You are going to fail.

I have heard:

A man was purchasing in a toyshop a few toys for his children. The salesman brought something out, and he said, “This is the very latest device in the world of toys. It is a jigsaw puzzle.” The man was a professor of mathematics, so he became immediately interested in it. He tried it this way and that way and he tried it in many ways and the ultimate result was always failure. He said to the salesman, “I am a professor of mathematics and I cannot figure it out. How do you expect small children to succeed in solving the puzzle?”

The salesman laughed. He said, “It is not made to be solved. It represents man’s actual situation. Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter what, the puzzle cannot be solved. It is a very modern, a very contemporary understanding of humanity.”

All the religions have been giving you puzzles, which are basically and intrinsically insoluble. And their purpose is to make you feel guilty, failures, frustrated, miserable, unsuccessful, unworthy, undeserving. They want to destroy your pride, your dignity, because the more your pride and your dignity is destroyed, the more you will be just like the camel - kneeling down and ready to be loaded. You will understand yourself that this is your fate: to be a camel; you are not a lion and there is no point in pretending to be a lion.

You are born to be a slave - that’s the whole strategy of all the religions, all the political ideologies. They have a single intention: to make every human being feel that he is born to be a slave, to be a worshiper of a fictitious God, to kneel down and to pray.

The moment you accept yourself to be guilty, undeserving, unworthy, you lose self-respect; you lose love for yourself. And if you cannot love yourself, how can you expect anybody else to love you? It is almost always a shock when somebody says to you, “I love you.” You cannot believe it. Nobody believes it, for the simple reason that, “I cannot love myself and this poor fellow is saying he loves me. That means only one thing: he does not know me! Once he knows me all love will disappear.”

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