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Chapter 28: Act According to Your Insight

And all the methods of Gurdjieff strengthen the ego. They make it as strong, as powerful as possible. One feels one is moving, growing, but none of his followers has reached to enlightenment. A man like Gurdjieff has failed for the simple reason that everything was centralized: his word was law, and nobody could argue about it. There was no question of freedom. He wanted everybody to melt into the group completely - and the group was absolutely in his hands.

It also reminds me of another failure - and that is of J. Krishnamurti. Gurdjieff failed because he destroyed the individual completely and made him only a part of a collectivity, and the collective soul had to grow.

Krishnamurti is on the other extreme. He left the individual completely free - so much so that of those who have been following his teachings for almost sixty years, none of them has had the benefit of the love of the master, the presence of the master.

Krishnamurti has given freedom, but he has removed himself totally out of your existence. Gurdjieff catches hold of you totally; and Krishnamurti leaves you totally - so totally that even his presence, his love, is not to be a support in moments when you start wobbling or in states when you start feeling discouraged. You can expect no help from him.

Gurdjieff was a dictator. Krishnamurti is not even a friend, he is simply indifferent. What happens to you is your business, he is not concerned. His concern ends the moment he has said what he wanted to say. His concern is with his teaching but not with the real individuals. He is not in love with the people who surround him. He will not give even that much warmth that can keep you on the path in the nights when it is very cold.

These are extremes - Gurdjieff and Krishnamurti - and extremes always fail. They fail for different reasons, diametrically opposite reasons, but they fail in the same way.

I am exactly in the middle.

I don’t want to dictate to you in detail the whole program of your life. But I want to be close to you in case you fall, in case you need warmth, in case just a gesture of love will keep you moving on the way.

I will not take your freedom from you, because I want you to be ultimately free. But that does not mean that I have to be cold towards you.

So I will be coming.

And I don’t see that there is any great problem - just a little chaos. And out of this chaos something good will happen. I could have remained silent and there would have been no chaos, but then I was seeing that you were being exploited; that you were working twelve hours, fourteen hours a day; that your whole life had become devoted to restaurants, discos..

There was no time for meditation. There was no inspiration for meditation. In fact, there was positively a condemnation of anybody who wanted time for meditation, time for friends or lovers.wanted to play his guitar. He was thought to be sabotaging the system. He was thrown out. So all creativity was being destroyed.

The commune had become just a money-creating mechanism, and the sannyasins were being used just as slaves.

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