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Chapter 6: At the Center We Are One

Sleep is a feminine energy. If you look at it - and here you come to a very significant point - the feminine energy functions in a totally different way than the male energy. The woman wants you to chase her. She does not want you simply to sit and wait for her to come. Even though the woman wants you, loves you, wants to be yours, first she will run away. She will not run very fast. She will run in such a way that you can catch her; she will give you every chance to catch hold of her.

Every feminine energy has the same quality. Sleep is feminine, you cannot catch hold of her. You have just to close your eyes and lie down and wait. She will come.she is just in the other room.

In the same category are all great values: friendship, love, peace, silence, and ultimately the realization of your godliness - they all happen. You are not the doer.

So first, let this be settled in you: that there is a world of doings that is the outside world, the worldly world; and there is a world of happenings - the inner world, the otherworldly world. Certainly their principles are going to be diametrically opposite.

I have seen people trying to relax. I have seen a book with the title, You Must Relax! “Must” will not allow you to relax! Relaxation is not something that you do, it is simply the absence of all your doings. In that absence is the greatest experience of life, and all great values will grow on their own accord.

Of course, your ego will not be fulfilled. In fact, it will be dead by the time you have experienced a few things which only happen.

You have to choose between the ego and the world of happenings.

The ego can give you many things: misery, anger, sadness, despair, anguish.and the line is long. It has its own treasures, if you are interested.

The absence of ego has also its own treasures. And the world of the ego and the world of egolessness are not very far away. They are neighbors.

Just a very thin fence of thoughts divides them.

It is simply a question of understanding that there are things which cannot be done - so don’t do them, let them happen.

You just be a watcher. And once you have learned the knack of watching you will start growing up higher every moment towards the ultimate experience - of knowing oneself, realizing the nature of your consciousness.because that opens the door of immortality.

A meditator slowly slips from the world of mortality into the world of immortality. On this side, the world of doings, there is death. On the other side, in the dimension of happenings, there is no death.

And unless you experience a clear vision of deathlessness, you will remain miserable, you will remain in despair. And because you live in the world of doings, that is the only art you know - and that art is preventing you from entering into a different dimension.

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