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Chapter 6: All Your Seriousness Is about Sandcastles

In Aesop’s fables, every fable shows something about humanity. They are not about animals, they are all about man. Whatever you want to do, first you try to find a reason for it, and if the reason is found to be irrelevant you become angry. You try another reason and if even that reason is not valid then you act absolutely irrationally, you forget everything of logic and reason. Those were just strategies to catch someone who is weaker than you.

Up to now there has been no evidence; stories have been floating down the ages, but they have been thought to be metaphorical, symbolic, because there was no way to prove that animals understood man’s language and man understood animal’s language. Even trees were said to be on talking terms, there was communication. But now evidence is coming through scientific research, at least about trees, because on animals very few people have started to work.

But animals are certainly more intelligent than the trees, and it could be proved that trees understand the language of man - not only understand but what is being revealed by science is they might even read your minds; you don’t have to say anything.

This has become such a great research. They have special mechanisms; they attach the mechanism to the tree. It is something like a cardiogram that takes your heartbeats and checks whether the heart is running in a healthy way or something is missing. The machine makes the graph; if the heart is running harmoniously, the graph is harmonious. If the heart is not harmonious, then the graph sometimes goes up, sometimes goes too much down; it is not harmonious, there is disturbance.

They use the same graph and the same cardiogram on trees. And they were surprised that if nothing is happening, the graph is harmonious. Then they bring a woodcutter with the idea that you have to chop the tree down. And as the woodcutter comes closer and the tree can see the woodcutter, immediately the graph shows it becomes worried. The harmony of the graph is disturbed. It has only seen.which is very mysterious because eyes are not part of the trees. How has it seen? Perhaps there are other ways of seeing, perhaps we are not the only people who have eyes.

We have a certain kind of eye; the trees must have some other way to see that a woodcutter is coming - and not only to see, they are capable of reading his mind, that he is going to destroy their life. It has also been found that if the woodcutter is told, “You are not to cut the tree, just pass by with your ax in your hand, as if you are going to cut the tree,” if the mind is not set to cut the tree, the graph remains harmonious. That is a solid proof that trees are capable of mind-reading which man is not capable of.

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