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Chapter 6: The Bridge of Love and Laughter

Simone de Beauvoir has said, “Life is occupied both in perpetuating itself and in surpassing itself. If all it does is maintain itself, then living is only not dying.”

And the man who is not creative is only not dying, that’s all. His life has no depth. His life is not yet life but just a preface. The book of life has not yet started. He is born, true, but he is not alive.

When you become creative, when you allow creativity to happen through you, when you start singing a song that is not your own.that you cannot sign and you cannot say, “It is my own,” on which you cannot make your signature - then life take wings, it upsurges.

In creativity is surpassing, otherwise, at the most we can go on perpetuating ourselves. You create a child; it is not creativity. You will die and the child will be here to perpetuate life. But to perpetuate is not enough unless you start surpassing. And surpassing happens only when something of the beyond comes in contact with you. That is the point of transcendence - surpassing. And in surpassing, the miracle happens - you are not, and yet for the first time you are.

The essence of wisdom is to act in harmony with nature. That is the message of all the great mystics - Lao Tzu, Buddha, Bahauddin, Sosan, Sanai - to act in harmony with nature. Animals act unconsciously in harmony. Rocks and plants and stars act unconsciously in harmony with nature. Man has to act consciously in harmony with nature because man has consciousness. Man can choose not to act in harmony, hence the great responsibility.

Man has responsibility; only man has responsibility, that is his grandeur. No other animal is responsible; he simply acts in harmony, there is no way of going astray. The animal cannot go astray; he is not yet able to go astray. There is no consciousness yet. He functions as you function in deep sleep.

In deep sleep you also fall in harmony with nature. That’s why deep sleep is so rejuvenating, so relaxing. Just a few minutes of deep sleep and you are fresh and young again, and all the dust that you had gathered and all weariness and boredom disappear. You have contacted the source. But this is an animal way to contact the source. Sleep is an animal way to contact the source.

Animals are horizontal, man is vertical. When you want to go into sleep you have to fall into a horizontal position. Only in a horizontal position you can fall asleep. You cannot fall asleep standing; it will be very difficult. You have to go back again, millions of years back, just like an animal. When you are horizontal, parallel to the earth; suddenly you start losing consciousness, suddenly you are no longer responsible.

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