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Chapter 8: Sincerity in the Search

There are many people who ask questions just to hear their name from me. They are not interested in the questions, they are interested only in their names. Then I make it a point not to mention their names. I mention somebody’s name only when I see the person is interested - not at all interested in the name only interested in the question. I have my own ways.

But to Shanti Sudheer I would like to say: learn something; this blank piece of paper should become your reality. Drop the name also. Just be simply blank. Mind has so many questions and no answers. The heart has no questions and only the answer. This is the paradox. The mind goes on asking, never finds the answer. And the heart never asks and is always with the answer.

Just the other night Govinda came back - he is a sannyasin, a rare being, a very pure being. He is a world-famous architect. I asked him, “Have you any questions to ask?” He said, “No, Osho. This time I have no question to ask. I have just come to be here.” And I told him, “Then you will receive the answer.”

Because if you are sitting by my side without any question, then who can prevent the answer? Then how can the answer be prevented? Then it will shower on you, then it will reach to you.

That is the meaning of satsang - being with a master without any mind.just being with him so energies can meet and merge and flow. If you are empty I can fill you totally, you will start overflowing. But if you are already full of questions then it is very difficult for me to get inside you. Impossible.

Become a blank piece of paper. Don’t write even your name on it. Be just empty. In that emptiness perfection descends. When you are not, existence is.

Enough for today.