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Chapter 25: Listening Lets the Heart Decide

When you are only hearing, your mind is standing there scrutinizing, screening. Now it is an established psychological fact that the mind only allows a certain percentage of information to reach you, there is a censor. And the mind has created very clever ways to censor things: it allows that which fits with your conditioning, and it simply does not allow that which goes against your conditioning. It makes you hear that which fits with you; it lets anything that is not fitting with your conditioning slip by, it does not pay attention to it. It does not take it in.

Hearing is not the right method to be with a master. It is good in a school, in a college, in a university; listening is not needed. But to be with a master hearing is not needed, listening is needed. Your interpretations should not hinder what is being said from reaching to your heart - because those words are carrying delicate messages. Your interpretation is going to destroy that delicate message; you should not think whether it is right or wrong.

I am not saying that you should accept it - there is no question of acceptance. I am simply saying you should neither accept nor not accept. You should be just a mirror reflecting whatsoever is the case. The master is saying something; let it reach to the heart. And let the heart decide, not the mind.

The mind is always wrong, and the heart is always right, because mind knows only logic, the heart knows love. Let love be decisive - and love has never been wrong, and logic has never been right.

The father of logic, Aristotle, who created the whole science of logic, wrote in his book that women have less teeth than men - because that was the prevalent idea in Greece. It was part of a bigger idea, that women cannot have anything equal to men. How can they have equal teeth? It was a natural corollary.

Aristotle had two wives.it would have been so simple just to say to Mrs. Aristotle I or Mrs. Aristotle II, “Please let me count your teeth.” But logic is very prejudiced. He did not bother with that.

And strange.for a whole two thousand years in Europe the belief continued. There are so many women, almost equal in number.sometimes more than men - because men are killed in war, armies are finished, so sometimes the number of women is more than men. But no man ever bothered. And what is more strange, is that no woman ever tried to count her own teeth and raise her voice that “This is nonsense! Men and women both have an equal number of teeth!”

Mind has no eyes; it simply lives in a dark hole - groping, inventing, believing, but never coming to know anything.

The heart has a totally different approach: it simply knows. Its knowing is intuitive, not intellectual. It cannot give arguments, it cannot give proofs. But when it knows, it knows absolutely; it can give for its knowledge its own life.

No logician will be ready to be crucified for his logical knowledge. Have you ever heard of any logician being crucified? Have you ever heard of any philosopher being poisoned? He will change his philosophy. He will say, “Don’t bother, I am ready to change my philosophy. It does not matter whether this philosophy is right or that philosophy is right.”

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