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Chapter 16: Having a Lovely Time - But Why?

You are saying you feel very happy following the heart and you know it is always good.Who told you? The heart has also committed as many crimes as the mind.

When a Mohammedan destroys the statue of a Gautam Buddha, do you think he is doing it from the mind? It is his heart. When he forces somebody on the point of the sword to change his religion and become a Mohammedan, do you think he is following his mind? He is following his heart. The heart has its own conditionings which go deeper than the conditionings of the mind.

The heart has always been praised for the simple reason that it gets no chance - the mind goes on playing the whole game and society prepares you not to listen to the heart.

But the Christians who were killing Mohammedans, and the Mohammedans who were killing Christians - and they are still doing that - not for a moment does a doubt arise that what they are doing is absolutely inhuman and cannot be religious. If it was done by the mind the question would have arisen, but because it is done by the heart, the heart does not know questioning. They feel with absolute certainty that if a man is killed in a crusade which they call jihad, then that man has already reached to paradise. And according to the number of people you kill, the more certain becomes your paradise.

These are not mind things. They have entered the heart, slowly, slowly sinking down through the centuries. Just one difference is that the mind always questions if what you are doing is right or wrong. The heart never questions. That’s why all the religions want you to surrender, to be faithful, to believe. These are the qualities which enter into the heart.

I don’t teach the mind. For that there are thousands of universities. I don’t teach the heart because I know the heart can do things more cruelly than the mind. The mind at least hesitates; the heart believes totally.

I teach you awareness of your being beyond both the heart and the mind. I say unto you, disidentify yourself and they will forget going this way or that way. And for the first time you will be the master and they will simply be servants. You can order them and they will have to follow, because without your order they cannot get any nourishment.

As far as your problem is concerned, let both of them go wherever they want. Simply remain centered - above, alert, not being dragged by them and not being influenced by them. Then your purity of awareness will lead you to the cosmic purity of existence. That is the only way of merging with the whole. All else is just an utterly futile exercise.

Your silence will take you to the right path. Neither does your mind know silence nor your heart. Your consciousness will take you in the right direction. Neither does your mind know how to be conscious nor your heart. They are both fast asleep and whatever they do is going to prove stupid and dangerous to yourself and others.

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