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Chapter 6: The Mind Has No Reverse Gear

He looked at his hands. He had nothing to drop. The flower is dropped, the diamond is dropped. One of Buddha’s very intimate disciples, Mahakashyapa, said, “Prasenjita, you have not understood what he is saying. He is not concerned with the flower, he is not concerned with the diamond. He is concerned with you. Drop yourself.”

Unless you drop yourself, nothing is dropped. And the moment you drop yourself, the ego, the idea of “I,” all the doors of existence open to you.

Devageet, drop the mind and start functioning from the heart. And whenever there is a question of choice, the heart has to be chosen. The mind is very rational; the heart knows nothing of reason. But I am saying choose the heart, because the heart is just in between the mind and your being. Without passing through the heart you cannot reach to your own center.

So your dream brings a message to you, that you cannot protect yourself with any kind of defenses. It is better to drop all defenses; all defenses belong to the mind. The heart is open; it has no defenses. And that’s why it has the great opportunity of becoming a door to your very soul.

This morning, again, as so often before, the questions were so much my questions that I applied your beautiful answers to myself. Why do I not ask them myself?

Deva Gita, first I will answer for all, although the question is yours, and second I will answer you.

I would like to answer all.that there are many who are in the same situation. They have questions, but they do not ask. The wrong reason is that they are afraid to expose themselves.

Your question is not just a question, it is accepting ignorance. It is opening your wounds, which you have covered very cleverly, not only from the eyes of others, but from yourself too. You have almost forgotten them. They have faded far away as dreams, but they are still there - covered or uncovered. In fact, covered they are more dangerous, because you cannot allow them to heal. They need the wind, they need the sun, they need to be open to existence. Without that opening there is no healing. But nobody wants to accept a simple fact: I am ignorant. I don’t know.

Your question brings your ignorance to the surface. If this is the reason why you are not asking, this is a wrong reason. But there is a possibility of a right reason too.

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