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Chapter 43: Don’t Judge the Ocean by Its Foam

His statements are simple - but truth is always simple. If you are ready to listen it is the most simple thing in the world. If you are not ready to listen, it is the most complex thing in the world; your mind makes it complex, interprets it, makes meanings out of it which are not there and in this way misses the whole point. But when a man is dying or departing, and soon the winds will take the ship far away, beyond the horizon. They feel now a gap which cannot be replaced. Although Almustafa will be gone, his words will go on ringing in their ears and in their hearts.

The mist that drifts away at dawn leaving but dew in the fields, shall rise and gather into a cloud and then fall down in rain.

He is saying, “Don’t be worried and don’t be sad. The mist that gathers on the leaves of trees and on the ground in the night starts evaporating when the sun rises; it rises again, just to become a raincloud. So if you have missed this time, don’t miss the next time. When the rain comes through all your hypocrisies, in your utter nudity, dance with the rain and the sun and the wind. And you will understand more than is contained in any scripture, or in all the scriptures. You will understand that you are part of a dancing existence.”

And not unlike the mist have I been.

“Though I am going now, soon I will be raining again. If you have missed me this time there is no need to be sorry. Be alert when I rain again so that you don’t hide yourself from me, but open your heart.”

In the stillness of the night I have walked in your streets, and my spirit has entered your houses,
And your heartbeats were in my heart, and your breath was upon my face, and I knew you all.

The man of understanding, the man who is awake, understands those who are asleep. But those who are asleep of course cannot understand the man who is awake. It is natural.

“I walked in the deep night in your streets, I have entered your houses, I have loved you so much that your heartbeat has become my heartbeat and your breath was upon my face, and I knew you all.

“Next time, let my heartbeat become your heartbeat; next time, let your spirit enter into my temple; next time, let my breath reach to your face. Just as I have known you all, next time you all have to know me; then the circle will be complete.”

Ay, I knew your joy and your pain, and in your sleep your dreams were my dreams.

“All that I am leaving within you is my dreams - deep down in your unconscious. At the right time they will start sprouting and becoming actualities.”

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