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Chapter 20: The Radiation of Enlightenment

This is the situation with the majority of humanity. That’s why it was so easy to crucify Jesus. The day he was crucified thousands of people had gathered to see the miracle of his resurrection, but none of them was seeing the man who was the real miracle. They were utterly blind and closed to the radiation of Jesus.

There is certainly a radiation that is of the highest quality, but it is only available to those who can also raise their consciousness to that height - if not their consciousness at least their longing, their thirst, their openness. Then even a faraway star can be seen. But if you are standing with closed eyes and you insist on your eyes being closed, then it becomes almost impossible to help you.

You are your greatest enemy. You can be your greatest friend too. You are your greatest friend when you make yourself available to higher realities, to higher layers of consciousness, to farther away stars.

With the opening of your heart, your wings also start opening. With the understanding of the light radiating from the awakened one, a synchronicity happens. In the beginning, your heart starts trembling, then the trembling changes into a dancing.and a moment comes when the master’s heartbeat and your heartbeat become one. All division, all separation is dissolved.

Perhaps science will never be able to understand this radiation of the illumined being, because science needs something material that can be experimented upon. This is not something material; it is as immaterial as love, it is as immaterial as gratitude, it is as immaterial as poetry, as music. In life, all that is great is immaterial, and this is the greatest experience of immateriality.

It all depends on you. There are people who may stand on the bank of a river and remain thirsty because they are keeping their back towards the river and they are adamant and stubborn. They may die of thirst, but they will not change their position. Man’s ego is such a barrier that it prevents everything that is a nourishment to his being and a push towards the heights.

In one of his beautiful poems, an Indian mystic Kabir says: “Unless you bow down and make a cup of your hands to fill it with the water of the river, you are going to remain thirsty. You may be standing in the river, but if you are not ready to bow down a little, the river is helpless. It cannot jump to your lips, it cannot jump to quench your thirst.”

The ego does not allow you the opening. The ego is very much afraid of anything of the beyond. Just a ray from the beyond and it is enough to kill your ego forever. So the ego lives in a dark cell; no light should enter in it. And the radiation of the enlightened one is so delicate and so respectful of your individuality and your dignity that it will not interfere. It will not enter without your invitation, without your receptivity.

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