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Chapter 2: Jesus Is Very Paradoxical

In India, we have called Mahavira “the conqueror,” “the great conqueror,” the jina. The word jina means the conqueror. But he never fought with anybody so whom has he conquered? He never believed in violence, never believed in war, never believed in fighting. Why do you call this man the great conqueror, “Mahavira”? This is not his original name; his original name was Vardhaman. What has happened? What phenomenon has occurred? This man has conquered himself, and once you conquer yourself your fight with others ceases immediately, because the fight with others is just a trick to avoid the inner war. If you are not at ease with yourself, then there are only two ways: either you suffer the unease or project it on somebody else. When you are inwardly tense you are ready to fight; any excuse will do. The excuse is irrelevant; you will jump on anybody, the servant, the wife, the child.

How do you throw your inner conflict and unease? You make the other responsible, then you pass through a catharsis. Now you can become angry, you can throw your anger and violence, and it will give you a release, a relief - temporary, of course, because the inside has not changed. It will again accumulate, it remains the old. Tomorrow it will again accumulate anger, hatred, and you will have to project it.

You fight with others because you go on accumulating rubbish inside yourself and you have to throw it out. A person who has conquered himself has become a self-conqueror, has no inner conflict. The war has ceased. He is one inside; there are not two. Such a man will never project, such a man will not fight with anybody else.

So, this is a trick of the mind to avoid inner conflict, because the inner conflict is more painful, for many reasons. The basic reason is that every one of you has an image of yourself as being a good man. And life is such that without this image it will almost be difficult to live.

Psychiatrists say that illusions are needed to live. Unless you have become enlightened, illusions are needed to live. If you think you are so bad, so devilish, so evil, if this image - which is the truth that you are - gets inside, then you will not be able to live at all. You will lose all self-confidence, and you will be filled with such condemnation toward yourself that you will not be able to love; you will not really be able to move, you will not be able to look at another human being. You will feel so inferior, so bad, so devilish, that you will die; this feeling will become a suicide. And this is a truth.

So what to do? One way is to change this truth: become a man of God, not a man of the Devil; become divine. But that is difficult, arduous, a long hard path. Much has to be done; only then can the Devil become divine. It can become divine! You may not be aware of the root of the word devil: it comes from the same word from which divine comes. Both devil and divine come from the same Sanskrit root, deva. The Devil can become divine, because the divine has become the Devil. The possibility is there; they are two poles of one energy. The energy which has gone sour, bitter, can become sweet. An inner transformation is needed, an inner alchemy is needed; but that is long and arduous, and the mind always looks for the shortcut where the least resistance is. So the mind says, “Why bother about becoming a good man? Just believe that you are good.” This is easy because nothing is to be done. Just think that you are good, just create an image that you are beautiful, heavenly, that nobody is like you, and even this illusion of goodness gives you energy to live.

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