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Chapter 14: Respect Your Heart

But you can well imagine the pain and the anguish that this boy was going through, what kind of a hell he was in. Yet no one would ever see that it was the saint was responsible, that it was he who had landed the boy into this hell. And he was responsible. He must have been living in a similar kind of hell himself; otherwise how could he give such advice, so full of foolishness and total ignorance about the whole matter?

Now what could I possibly say to this boy? I would not have asked him to do what he was doing. So I advised him, “Instead of getting involved in all this stupid nonsense, it would be better for you to love a woman. Don’t be scared of it, and let your love be natural. All this business about loving the goddess is dangerous, because it is all very unnatural and imaginary. Fall in love with a real woman, and don’t be frightened. Fall in love, and then try to understand what love is all about. But first, you must free your love from all these distortions and make it very natural. And then with the help of nature it is possible to go beyond it. Make your love a meditation and purify your love as much as you can. Bring as much meditation into your love as you possibly can, so that you can feel love is something which is not sinful but sacred. Develop such a feeling, and live by it.

“And don’t feel guilty, because sensuality too is given to you by existence. That too has given to you by existence. And no saint whatsoever can take it away from you - not ever. Make proper use of whatever nature has given you and then try to rise above it. But you will never be able to transcend it if you treat it as some kind of an enemy. Enmity will only bring about this sort of undesirable result. And you cannot imagine the lengths to which enmity can go.”

During the Victorian age in England, in their homes people used to cover even the legs of their chairs, because at that time it was felt that naked legs provoked sexual desire! Just imagine - chair legs! And if you went into a house and found that a chair’s legs were not covered, you would think that the person was doing something indecent, leaving the legs of the chairs naked like that! Just imagine! Queen Victoria was very strict about such things; it was thought to be something immoral. So in all their homes, people would cover the legs of their chairs with cloth. Now, if you cover up the legs, your mind will be even more filled with sexual thoughts. What type of foolishness is this?

It is not as if all this only happened in Victorian times. Such types of people are present everywhere, in all ages. Even today, there is a society of women in England - and these women have definitely been deprived of love, must never have experienced love in their lives - which proclaims that even animals, when they are taken out onto the road, must be covered with clothes! Dogs, horses, oxen - they must never be seen around naked because if they are, they will create sexual desire!

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