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Chapter 32: An Encounter with Existence

So when I turn my palms downward, remember, you have to go completely mad. Bring your total energy to it; nothing should be left behind. You must be one, whole, moving into it, involved completely and totally in it.

You will feel the contact. The divine has touched you.

A single touch, even for a single moment, and you will never be the same again. You are touched by the divine, you are transformed.

The second question:

I can surrender to you if you promise that I will be transformed.

I promise that you will be transformed, but your asking is not good. If you make it a condition you are not surrendering. I promise you will be transformed, but on your part, if you ask for the promise, you are not ready to surrender.

This is my promise, that you will be transformed. But don’t make it a condition because then there is no surrender, and if you are not surrendered, how can I transform you? So please, forget my promise.

It will happen, it is going to happen, but don’t make it a condition, because with a condition there is no surrender. Surrender is unconditional, it cannot be otherwise.

Even if through your surrender I lead you to hell, be ready for it. Only then is heaven possible. Your readiness to move with me to hell - this readiness transforms you.

Really, your surrender transforms you; there is no need of me. I am just an excuse - because you cannot surrender to a vacuum, to emptiness, you can use me. But, really, there is no need for me. If you can simply surrender, without surrendering to anyone, then too it will happen. It happens through surrender.

But it is difficult to surrender without surrendering to anyone. Our whole mind, the whole working of our consciousness, makes it impossible for us to surrender to the empty sky. If I say to you “Love!” you will ask me “Whom should I love?” Can you just love without loving anyone? It is difficult to conceive of how to love when there is no one to be loved.

If you are alone on earth and there is no one except you, can you love? If you even try to imagine it, you will imagine loving some tree or loving some rock - but then again, the someone else has entered. A thou is needed: you cannot love without a thou there, present. The thou may be a tree, the thou may be a flower, the thou may be a rock - it makes no difference. But you must say to someone “I love you.” The you is needed.

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