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Chapter 12: The Golden Mean

For example, one woman has been asking for three days continuously, “I love my ego, what should I do?” What is there to be done? If you love your ego, love is good, at least you love something. It is better than nothing! And you love your ego - then why are you worried about doing something? Is not love enough? Do you want to do something more? Certainly you are worried that loving your own ego is taking you into a dangerous stage - it is going to become your hell. You know it, otherwise the question of what to do would not have arisen.

Every day I have read the question, and every day it has reminded me of a story..

An old woman died. She was very much afraid - afraid because in her whole life she had done nothing that she could think of as ever getting her into paradise. But strangely enough, a carrot appeared. And the carrot said, “You have forgotten. I am your only act which was virtuous and good. You once gave me to a beggar. I was rotten, and you were going to throw me away, and by a coincidence the beggar came before you were going to throw me, and you gave me to him. But even that much giving is rewarded by existence. I have been sent by God - just hold onto me and I will take you upwards to paradise.”

The woman was thrilled, and holding the carrot she started rising. People had gathered, because they heard that she had died. And when they saw this carrot and the woman rising with the carrot.somebody jumped and took hold of the legs of the woman. And then it became a long line, so long that you could not see from one end to the other end.. But the woman was very angry: “So many people are going into paradise” - and the carrot was hers!

Just at the gate of paradise she shouted downwards to the long line that stretched towards earth, “You all get lost. It was my carrot!”

And in saying this, she forgot. Speaking to the people and gesturing that “this was my carrot” - the carrot was lost. The carrot entered into paradise and the whole line of people fell back. Falling from paradise to the earth, none of them remained alive..

But just the idea of my carrot is enough to take you back from the very gates of paradise.

You are not at the gates of paradise, you are in love with the ego. So love it as deeply as possible so that soon it creates a hell for you. Only that hell will open your eyes - not my answer.

I was dropping that question every day, because I don’t want anybody to look stupid before so many people. It is insulting, and I don’t want to insult anybody.

Just today another person has asked, “Do enlightened people overeat?” I wonder sometimes what goes on in people’s minds - how they can manage such questions. How many enlightened people have you seen? Yes, there are people who overeat, but they are not the people who are enlightened - they are addicted to food, they cannot stop eating.

I was in America.

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