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Chapter 4: How Can You Deceive?

A Broadway agent returned home and found one of his biggest clients in the arms of his wife. “Stop sounding like a TV melodrama, Harry,” the client told him, cutting short a tirade of denunciations. “Let’s treat this situation like adults. We both love your wife. All right, then, let’s play one game of gin rummy - and the winner gets her.”

The agent thought for a moment, then said, “Okay, but just to make it interesting, let’s play for a dime a point on the side.”

How long can you deceive? How can you deceive?

Danny was an inveterate bargain hunter. He hadn’t a penny to his name, but whenever he saw a bargain he couldn’t resist it.

One day a friend of his came to see him. Jim said, “Danny, I’ve got a terrific bargain for you. A boat-load has arrived for the Barnum and Bailey Circus and they have an overstock. They’ve got an elephant on board, a baby elephant, that’s worth at least $2,000, and I can land it for you for only $300.”

Danny looked at Jim as if he were half crazy. “What! An elephant! An elephant in my one-room apartment? You must be out of your mind! In the first place, there’s no room for it. And in the second place, how could I feed it? In the third place, what could I do with it? Don’t be nuts!”

“But,” persisted Jim, “I’m telling you this elephant is worth two thousand bucks and I can get it for you for a mere three hundred, maybe even two hundred and fifty.”

Danny was adamant. “Get the hell out of here, will you? You’re off your rocker. I don’t need an elephant. I don’t want an elephant. Leave me alone with elephants.”

But Jim knew his friend and he continued hammering away. “Listen, Danny,” he said, “the fact is they have an overstock. You know, I think if I put it to them I could get you two elephants for the same two hundred bucks.”

“Now you’re talkin’,” said Danny.

Your reality, your mind, is always there below your skin. It is just skin-deep - scratch it a little and the truth comes out.

You cannot deceive even a man who knows a little observation - how can you deceive a master? But if the master feels it is good for you, it may be helpful for your growth, it may bring something up, it may take you through a breakthrough, then the master is ready to do anything. Yes, he is ready even to be deceived by you.

The fourth question:

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