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Chapter 31: The Greatest Reality in the World

And of course the disciple was the loser, because these people managed to fulfill the demands of the followers.but the followers were not capable of fulfilling the demands of the masters, so they were condemned as sinners. All the religions created nothing but guilt in the human mind, a deep feeling of inferiority, a sense of failure, a kind of hatred for oneself, one’s weaknesses, frailties. They destroyed people’s self-respect. And no crime can be greater than that, because once a person loses self-respect he loses his very soul; he loses his manhood, he falls into a subhuman existence.

It has been a very strange nightmare, tremendously painful to the whole of humanity. A few cunning people - unintelligent but stubborn, stupid but adamant - managed to do all kinds of irrational things, and because others could not do them, they became great saints.

I used to know one man.Mahatma Gandhi himself had praised the man as a great saint, and all that he had done was that for six months he continued to eat holy cow dung, drink holy cow urine. For six months he did not eat anything else, he did not drink anything else. I was puzzled.certainly the man was crazy, needed psychiatric treatment. And he was a learned scholar, he was a professor; his name was Professor Bhansali. And Gandhi himself called him a great saint. He used to live in Gandhi’s ashram, he was an inmate of Gandhi’s ashram. Now what kind of saintliness is this? - except that the man was utterly idiotic. But in India cow dung is really holy. And in the whole history of India Professor Bhansali is unique; no other saint has been comparable to Professor Bhansali.

Hindu saints eat a little bit of cow dung and cow urine during special holy festivals. They call it panchamrit - five nectars. All five nectars have come from the cow: the cow dung, the urine, the milk, the curd, the butter. They mix them all and it becomes something divine, it becomes nectar. They drink it. They have been drinking panchamrit for ten thousand years. But nobody can beat Professor Bhansali.

Naturally the people who have been doing a little bit of saintliness accepted Professor Bhansali as a great saint - unique, unparalleled, unprecedented. Even in Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram nobody was capable of doing such a feat, so they all worshiped Bhansali. He became a great master to be followed, to be listened to.

Can you see any relevance in his eating cow dung, drinking the urine of the cow, to being a master and advising people how to achieve selfrealization? But nobody raised a question, because to raise a question is not only going against Professor Bhansali, it is going against the whole Hindu mind. And the Hindu mind has been conditioned for ten thousand years to accept such a man as a saint.

Now Bhansali is able to dominate, and he can call you all sinners, unvirtuous, non-religious, materialistic, unspiritual.

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