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Chapter 4: Understand Desire

A man who lives in thoughts lives in hell. A man who lives in feeling lives in heaven. Someone who is stuck between the two lives on earth.

Most people on this planet live in hell. Don’t think that hell is in some nether world; forget this ancient nonsense. If you go on digging the earth you will find America in the underworld, not hell. And American people think the same, that you are below, in the underworld - this holy land of India! If Americans go on digging they will come out here, in Pune. Finding you they will be very surprised: “Where are the devils? Where is the fire burning? Where are the cauldrons?”

The earth is round and beneath us all is this same earth. Understand this language of above and below as symbolic. Below does not mean below the ground and above does not mean that you should start looking into the sky. Below means thought. Above means feeling. Below means insanity. Above means liberation. And the earth is between the two.

Those people who live in hell are suffering misery, suffering much misery - suffering right now, this very moment. Get angry and you have entered hell.the fires have started burning. What fire are you thinking about and which cauldron do you want? Anger boils you down and burns you so much, what could burn you more? You become scorched, you begin drowning in poison, and then bitterness pervades your being.

Now be loving, compassionate. and you start rising up. You start moving vertically, it is an open door to heaven. Heaven is not in the sky. The word above is used because it is a state of “aboveness,” the name of the highest state of your consciousness. Feeling is your highest state - your inner Mount Kailash. But people think there is actually something there on Mount Kailash, and this is why they go there on a pilgrimage. But the place of pilgrimage is within you - Kailash is within you. When your consciousness becomes utterly peaceful it becomes your Kailash. The highest Himalayan peak falls away below you. You start to fly into the sky; you become the sky. And when you fall down it becomes hell. Between these two is the earth.

Most people are living in hell, very few people are living on the earth, and very rare people are experiencing heaven. And it is all right here, right now. Gorakh’s statement is amazing:

.Here are the three worlds.

Create it right here - whatever you want to do, whatever you want to create, wherever you want to be. It all depends on the way you live your life.

Here explore your emptiness.

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